I got home from one of my college classes at around 4:10. I started up WoW, only to be thrown into a queue of 2600 people. 125 minutes later, it is 6:15, and I just got in. Just in time for me to leave for my night class!

I'm just wondering how much longer queue times will be this bad. Maybe a week? I don't remember how long they were bad for WotLK. Anyone have an idea?

At any rate, fabulous expansion pack so far, Blizz. (I believe it says I'm level 6, but have played through most of Azshara).
They were bad for 2 days in WotLK. Yes, 2 days. After that, it was 2-3 minutes queues for another few days, and then completely dissipated. It'll be fine. This was bound to happen.
This is no different from any other expansion release. Anyone who has been around since the beginning knew that this was coming. People who think they can go buy Cataclysm and Expect to be able to play it opening day, and one of the most populated servers in the US realms no less, is sadly mistaken.
let us migrate to other server
Har har. Thanks for the replies. I've personally been able to play on release day both other expansions but I don't think I played during peak hours. Anyway, thanks guys!
Any server I was on when an xpac came out, this happened for a week or 2 at peaks times. The longer you stray from peak times the shorter it got, obviously.

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