prot threat issues

Maybe It's jsut me (and thats why im creating this thread--to find out) but does it seem hard to keep threat?

the very first thing that I did when I logged on was fly to blackrock spire to find the dungeon entrance there, and joined a group to tank.

I could not keep aggro for the life of me some times. the mage said that it was just because he wasn't watching his threat, but it wasn't just the mage.

and yes, I had RF on.

so what can i do?

If the mage wasnt watchign his threat then he would of pulled by accident. But if other poeple were pulling too then you must of be have been doing something wrong. I did the exact samething and I never lost aggro. Check to make sure your glyphs are fine and spec is fine other then that I dont know what to tell you. If there was other levels in your party that were higher then they might explain why they pulled threat but if not then check your *%#*. I was pulling more tps then I use too so....
Chances are the group you ran with tried the lich king way of doing an instance, everyone one doing their own thing, rather than targeting your target. I ran with a great group that single targeted down mobs and nobody pulled aggro.
Your gear looks fine. I'd make a couple changes to your spec:

-I'd drop the two points in Seals of the Pure and put those in Eternal Glory instead.
-Hallowed Ground really isn't worth it. The number crunchers at Maintankadin say that consecrate is not a high priority spell. I still use consecrate when holding a ton of mobs, but IMO those points could be better spent.
- go 3/3 Crusade. It boosts by 30% the threat of your primary abilities.

Your rotation should look something like:

Avenger shield to pull
Crusader Strike/HotR depending on number of targets
Holy Wrath
Shield of the Righteous

For single targets, your most important thing is getting 3 holy power, sacred duty, shield of the righteous hits. That's what's going to keep you #1 threat. Everything else, including grand crusader procs, is secondary.

For aoe tanking, Hammer of the Righteous every 3 seconds, tab target, use holy wrath every cooldown, use grand crusader procs every cooldown.

However, none of that will help you one bit if your dps is retarded and go balls out on different targets before you have aggro.
I had similar issues and after watching it, it was due to the group not single targeting I started to mark my victims and it helped abit.

Also remember to tab through all the opponents that are in front of you to continue to build threat. I also find adding in a WoG to my rotation helps keep threat since im healing and right on top of the mobs.

The biggest problem I have is taunts do not seem to work well if someone is DPSing above 6k and they manage to pull something off me. HoR does not seem to want to always pull them back to me. I use Tauntmaster so it might also be something there.

But your not the only one having issues :)

The Threat problem with paladins that your talking about. I think that you are right...

I used to be a badass tank with my paladin in WotLK. But ever since everything changed with Cata my paladin can't hold aggro for %#%%e.

My gears good on him i believe T9 WoTLK tanking set, my spec is decent though i do think Id like to go for the 3/3 in crusade and see how it helps if it does.

But still... aggro just seems... idk... off, since cata. maybe Blizz should increase the aggro amount given by Righteous Fury.
Righteous Fury is fine, Chaosstorm. We generate more than enough threat. The problem is ramp-up. DPS aren't giving you a chance to actually get some big attacks off, or are blasting secondary targets.

To the OP, the mage was the only honest one in that group.
Make sure you're marking a kill order, and your DPS are single-targeting them down.
I didnt seem to have a threat problem except for a mage, I just kept my taunt ready for whenever he pulled aggro.
I ran BRC a few times. And the only times I had problems was with DPS that were actualy attacking anything but my target. Even marking them was not useful with some crack pots dps that wanted to be on top of the chart...

One thing worked wonder. I dropped aggro, let the mob kill the offending dps and retook aggro. Worked like a charm. Dps understood after only 4 times ^^. Nice rep bill. After that, it was going perfectly smooth and easy.

With my guild, we used the old 3 sec rules to build aggro that was so usefull in BC and we never had any aggro issues. We are still relearning to CC.
Hey thanks heaps everyone. I really appreciate your input and advice :) ya'll are swell.

Also thanks Proto for the spec advice. I'll switch it around when i get a chance to play again. (finals and all :( )
If you're looking for a way to easily mark targets, I use an add-on called Skullme that I downloaded from curse gaming. It marks my current target with a skull 1 second after I target it. It's a big visual /assist signal for lazy dps.

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