Macro for Flame Shock / Unleash Elements?

Anyone have a macro to cast flameshock and then if flameshock is on cool down cast Unleash Elements instead?

you will probably want to cast unleash elements first to get the flametongue weapon buff from it. so you will probably want something like this:

/castsequence reset=6 Unleash Elements, Flame Shock
Wouldn't you want to Unleash Lava Burst, and not FS? IIRC it doesn't work on the DoT portion. The Earthliving UE doesn't boost its HoT at least.
I think Caspian was referring to the Enhancement side of things.

As to what *Elemental* should do, UE should always be used the moment it's off cooldown.

You want to try and get as many Lava Bursts boosted by it as possible!
Notice, however, that Unleash Flame lasts for 8 seconds, so it's near impossible to not get 50% of all Lava Bursts boosted.
He asked for flame shock, so i put flame shock in the macro
And he's elemental according to his avatar so that's why I asked. My question was still valid.
Yes Im elemental, just trying to figure out the best way to work in Unleash Elements. Thanks for the input, Im going to mess around with it some more.

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