Why does blizz focus so much on balancing classes in all aspects of pvp if they are going to allow cenarios where the horde can outnumber the alliance 5 to 1? Its kinda pointless. There really is absolutly no point in even trying to play this expansion untill everyone is 85, because they decided to cram those odds into 2 zones where horde and alli share quest.

I know most of the horde that will read this will say "learn to pvp". I know it is fun to world pvp, but after awhile that even gets old. Where is the fun if there is no challange? 1 vs 5 are odds that noone can even hope to stand against (unless we have atleast 15 stacks of tenacity!). Which was alot =/. I say balance the server a bit more.

/end rant.
Its easy...set a cap on horde / alliance ratios. There is no point to allow the numbers of horde to grow so big that they dominate by sheer size and not skill sir.
Your a reroller anyways. So I guess if you cant beat them join the side with the most numbers right?
I have toons on both sides of the fence. I agree that all people ultimatly want to be on a quote un-quote winning side. But where is the glory in any of the numbers? Its not like you had to work for it kind of scenario. Its like winning the special olympics...prizes are given just because of what you are.
The bottom line is this. The vast majority of muliplayer games have player caps. For instance, Call of Duty: Black Ops has in some cases a max of 12 on 12 people. This is so one side does not always dominate because of sheer numbers. PvP servers are dying because of this exact thing.
Im so tired of people complaining on a PvP server. Seriouly, its a PvP server what did you expect, teletubbies jumping and saving you from the baddie hordes. L2level
world pvp

on a pvp server?

Sweet. 5 horde posts 2 alli.
I got to 85 just fine. Perhaps you should look into a better guild?

Fuher of the MM
Ruler of Darkspear
Meh, !*!% player caps. Turns out a lot of players on this server wanted to be horde. Its not the same way on all servers. There are plenty of servers where Alliance out number Horde. Big woop.
Best bet is to server transfer away since preventing people from playing horde is pretty much preventing from people from playing, > stop paying.
itt: Alliance QQing about being bad.
Oh no! PvP on a PvP server?

So basically, what you should be saying about PvP is; GET GOOD OR GET OUT

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