pally talent specs

i have a new level 10 paladin. what are the better talent specs for lower levels? i want to be able to kill things but heal so i dont die often, especially in the dungeons/battlegrounds. any advice is appreciated.
paladins can always heal a little, around level 30 or so you get 'lay on hands' which is an instant cast complete heal (at that level).

The real choice you have to make is which group role you want to play:
tank (protection tree)
damage dealer (retribution tree)
Healer(holy tree)

Yes, you can main heal a 5 man dungeon (or normal party) easily if you are set up for it.
Just go ret or prot till 30, then get dual spec for 10g (very cheap) and get holy offspec for dungeons if you like. Though tank will have the quickest ques
yeah that's what I"m doing: holy offspec, prot main. I'm really liking prot main.
Holy looks so boring... though I'm loving Prot for now.
Little bird told me that holy may be pally's new PVP spec endgame. :p

I do love prot tho for pve... nothing like pulling 10 elites and giving your healer a heartattack

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