The new Ret. play style is a mess.

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This is always how it goes for us Paladins in regards to blizzard being silent.

This is why we have to scream "foul" at the top of our lungs every time something bad happens to us, this is why paladins over react. We know if we don't blizz WILL go back to ignoring us and we knew it was just a matter of time that the ride we enjoyed in WOTLK would come to a crashing hault.

Another thing - A half way normalized rotation should not have to rely on getting that much haste.

For right now I'm going to keep playing, keep lvling. If this is not addressed by the next patch w/ a fair bit of changes I'm quitting. I'm getting way too old to deal with this stuff every other month. I like my Paladin, I'm used to my Paladin, this is my reason to play WoW, I don't have alts, I don't have 12 80's, I have my paladin. It's really not fair to rip us apart every few months, nobody is happy with these changes.

Do something, anything to let us know you're listening. A very simple "We're listening and are taking this into consideration" would do. This isn't a matter of adapting. I don't want to adapt to something I don't enjoy.
Oh... Oh god. It's almost like Vanilla with inq. Purge it!
I hate playing my paladin now. Back to my 68 warrior....
Granted I never really played a pally before the patch, but I am having a blast leveling this guy. I know that I am still low level, but it just feels fun to me. I don't really have any other way to describe it.

Ret is probably the most underperforming spec out there, at least to my knowledge. I've played a bit of everything and I couldn't have possibly been anymore dissappointed in ret. If you don't mind clicking buttons like a spastic monkey, it actually performs quite well in PvE. The downside to this is the fact that the ONLY time it performs well in PvE is when you A. get a few procs of exorcism or B. use Avenging Wrath followed by repeated use of Hammer of Wrath.

Paladins right now just can't fight anyone at range. Period. If you PvP do not ever plan to fight someone that's a ranged fighter. You won't win if they are geared. If their gear isn't up to par with you then you may have a chance. If the gear is equal, no chance. Paladins just get kited like their is no tomorrow and their really isn't that much that you can do. Even with Hand of Freedom and the specs for it in the ret tree, it only lasts so long. When it runs out, your number is up and it's curtains for you.

I actually dropped my ret spec on my paladin and went prot. It performs much better in PvE and PvP over Ret. Ret does most of it's damage through use of Avenging Wrath and then Hammer of Wrath succinctly afterwards. So you wait two minutes to do most of your DPS. The rest of that time you are actually doing less DPS than any other class out there on the board.

I find it interesting that the devs said that ret paladins needed changed because they didn't have enough buttons to use. Yet, Moonkin druids can run out and spam moonfire and that's it. But... we needed to be completely dissembled and turned into Frankenstein's red headed step child. Now that I just don't get. I still love my paladin, but I won't play ret again until they fix it, and god knows it needs some serious love.
Ret isnt bad, it just needs a few tweeks lol. i !!!! in pvp witch is what i am more into than the pve. but we dont have enough utility in my opinion, OH well though this is why i made a backup Lock =) but ya ret needs somthing to slow others just for a few seconds or somthing, because as it is we can move half the time, everything is getting dispelled purged or stolen from us. gg but at least we hit hard =D
Get Tullarange or one of it variants. It's an addon to make it so your HP moves only light up at FULL HP.

Come on guys we gotta overcome and adapt, don't let the WOTLK rumors about us come true!!!
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When it runs out, your number is up and it's curtains for you.

"Lacy, gently wafting curtains."
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12/08/2010 2:35 PMPosted by Sedx
Why did anyone think it'd be fun to play a game of "watch the proc/timers"? Have to watch for Exorcism procs, have to watch for when you have three HP, have to watch for oddly timed CD's with no rhythem to them what-so-ever, have to watch for when you can use HOW, have to watch for when inquisition is going to wear off. It's extremely boring, I don't want to do nothing but watch for procs and count down seconds on a timer. The RNG factor just adds to the mess, you'll be sitting there having nothing to press when all of a sudden every fricking stupid thing you have will proc. It's clunky, it's no fun, it's just horrible.

I'm on board with you. One of the big issues I have with it is they've made a mockery of the interface. Unless you go through extraordinary measures to rework your UI, the crap on the screen makes it painful to play. Using a vanilla setup:

1) Upper left to watch your Holy Power
2) Upper right to watch your Inquisition timer
3) Middle of the screen to watch your random procs
4) Bottom (right for me) to watch your cooldowns because my cooldowns are affected by stats
5) Back to the middle of the screen to watch the actual FIGHT

It's a travesty of software design (coming from someone that codes front end designs, and those designs are given to me by people who design intuitive interfaces for a living...). I personally get annoyed that I have to go download extra crap just to make the UI usable.

i agree, one thing they could do is like rogues... add a holy power counter to the scrolling combat text... that way you don't have to look where your holy power bar is located. as for watching Inq i'm sure there are some countdown buff mods out there you could use in fact i'm sure there are.. i haven't looked yet. so that could eliminate 2 spots you would have to constantly be looking at and focus more in the middle of the screen.
Coming from the perspective of a PvE player, I have said the same from the beginning. For me it's not just about Ret, it's the whole playstyle in general. The only difference with Prot vs. Ret is that Prot has survivability, but the playstyle itself is just as messed up and unenjoyable.
12/09/2010 10:39 AMPosted by Najia

Let me TLDR the OP's post for you



Sounds like a legitimate complaint to me. Numbers mean different things to different people, but I struggle to think anyone plays this game for any reason while not having fun.

I was just about to post essentially the same thing when I saw yours.

Bottom line is that Ret is nothing but whack-a-mole. It's become an extremely disjointed (and boring) hurry-up-and-wait session of just watching ability pops.
12/09/2010 11:03 AMPosted by Lundgren
1. Get Ovale
2. Config it with the proper rotation
3. Never have to look down again
4. ???
5. Profit

How do you get Ovale to stop wanting inquisition with 1 holy power?

AddIcon help=main mastery=1
if HolyPower(more 0) and BuffExpires(INQUISITION) Spell(INQUISITION)
if ManaPercent(less 90) Spell(DIVINEPLEA)

if HolyPower(more 0) and BuffExpires(INQUISITION) Spell(INQUISITION)
if HolyPower(more 2) and BuffExpires(INQUISITION) Spell(INQUISITION)

??? TY
12/09/2010 7:14 AMPosted by Wyre
... but at least we hit hard =D

Not really.
Couple of things to get the information you need closer together:

IceHUD - to put the HoPo icons near your character.
NeedToKnow (NTK) - to setup custom movable timer bars monitoring buffs/CDs.
It is a mess for anything that requires a modicum of brain power anyway - such as pvp. Even raiding is going to be intensive.... It went from being middle of the pack complexity to near the top.... And unfortunately, further, that complexity does not translate to fun.

In PVP, you're managing SO much it makes my shaman and lock blush. Just keeping inquisition up by itself is a painful process. Add in all the procs the RNG mayhem of Holy power multiple defences that MUST be used in PVP or you get squashed and it all adds up to a really painful process to get the most out of the spec.
Updated based on current opinion on Ret. Buh Bye.

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