The new Ret. play style is a mess.

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Just fold inquisition into the mechanics, give us a permanent 30% dps buff, let us charge up holy power for a divine storm that does more damage than a fricking turkey with no arms.

Change Avenging Wrath to be a non-magic buff. It's annoying when your so called 'ace in the hole' gets spell stolen/purged/dispeled the moment it goes up.

On a seperate note, I actually like the changes to prot.
I suspect this is a conspiracy, nerf our dps, force the majority of us to tank for the first phase of cata, then miraculously buff our dps so the population evens out.
^Wall of Text crits Xavierl for 102k (0 resisted,890M overkill)
Xavierl has died.
What they need is to realize they messed up, appologize and go back to the old mechanics getting rid of holy pollen watch a flashy light.
12/08/2010 8:10 PMPosted by Dafixer
I have yet to upgrade to Cata strictly because of the way the forums has portrayed the class, Ret in particular. No point in spending $40 now and not enjoying my class for awhile.

if you haven't upgraded to cata, how have you leveled to 81? I'm guessing this post is just old and you have since upgraded.
I'm sure ret is fine. I'm also sure lots of people are happy with it and that's great. Just not my cup of tea. My mage is much more fun, so my pally is going to be taking an extended vacation.

I think my dissatisfaction with pallies is probably more to do with me than the class. And I do love my mage so there really is no problem, just me being whiny. :)

12/13/2010 2:33 AMPosted by Joarniel
a fricking turkey with no arms.


I think we need to make a compendium of the adjectives used to describe the New Ret.
*blink* I was actually wondering about the "4 seconds of downtime while everything is on cd" issue... Thought maybe I was supposed to blow 1-2hp charges if nothing else procc'd.

Now that I know that you're supposed to wait like I've been doing, that's kind of silly. I kind of enjoy the new mechanics with the blend of hp/mana, but it does feel a bit too much like rng.
All i can say is Power Auras is your friend. lol
12/08/2010 2:43 PMPosted by Fúry
If you top the meter everytime what are you complaining about? I'm so sorry you have a rotation

Did you even read the post?

It's not the destination but the journey... And it's a horrible journey, it's so random and chaotic and nothing at ALL to do with raising the skill cap.
I am pretty sure blizzard knows its a F-up and will fix alot of stuff on pallies with the next patch. Just takes time and it will be annoying. But hey Questing as ret cannot be nearly as annoying as questing as holy. I can take on a million enemies at once because im always healing myself but I do such crap damage it will take me a year to finally beat them.
I'm not a fan either, honestly. I hate the holy power mechanic, but mostly I just hate anything that depends on a proc chance. I don't like procs. I want reliability. I'm doing all right as ret, but I really would prefer less dependence on things proccing, and I don't particularly care for the new mechanic.

It kinda sucks when your main becomes a new class other than what you rolled, and it isn't really a class you particularly care for anymore.
I agree pretty much with the op. Too many procs on top of procs. "Playing" ret has become "work".
I know I'm not 85 yet but I've played a ret paladin since vanilla. All these flames towards blizz are a bit much to read over and over again. I remember what it was really like to be lolret. I agree some changes were not necessary ie. cs/ds cd sharing but the spec is still fun and viable in pve and pvp. In the instance runs I've done so far, I've been top of damage charts the whole way, even being the lowest lvl in the group. The "rotation" is not that hard to figure out. The idea is that when certain abilities are active or proc, u have to decide which is best to use. When using AW, u always-always-always favor HoW>anything and DO NOT pop zealotry when using AW, ur just causing a dps loss for yourself. When wings ends, build up 3hp and go zealotry and only do cs-tv with a judge thrown in for obvious reasons. Just because AoW procs doesnt mean give up 3hp tv or HoW, so its ok to save that exo for when u really need a strong attack with nothing else up, not give it priority.

So what if we need a lot of haste to get a 3sec cs cd to give us a more rhythmic rotation. Haste is and has been a great stat for us, in Cata haste is just better for us than it ever has. Mastery is nice, i dont get the complaining about having to much of it. I love when HoL procs and i have 3 hp already and can do TVx2. We got a decent gap-closer in Laotl, and a spell interrupt that we can cast while using other abilities. IMO ret is fun, although I concede that some changes should be made ie. cs/ds, holy power building, mana costs of some abilities, quick healing w/o WoG, etc...

Just my 2cents.
Skipping all the troll posts, even paladins who want to disagree with you.

I want to 100% agree with you on ret stance.

good post. More of us out there that feel just like you.
I agree with you OP, and would really like to see some changes. We're simply too RNG dependent.

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