Have you ever (the duh moment)?

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Have you ever, like I did, run around a dungeon trying to, and failing, to see the stupid elevator button right in front of you? Worse still, go to Guild chat and ask for someone to help you find the elevator button? If my face is red it is because Goblin do blush, contrary to urban legend.
I have never had a duh moment in my life.

That would require enough brainpower to realize how stupid I am.

"Ignorance is bliss."
Oh, all the time. If I don't have to pay attention to what I'm doing, then I wont. That has resulted in many a "oh, duh!" moment.
Many times a day every day.
My middle name is "Duh".

Like that hilarious Ack orc man said, ignorance is not only bliss, it's comfy. No stress, no fuss, no Think.
There have been many times, while on my hunter, I was PvPing without an aspect.

Trying to use certain abilities on my feral while not realizing I wasn't in cat form.

Accidentally pressing Control+5 (Pally Bubble) instead of Alt+5 (Avenger's Shield) while tanking a boss in ToT. Dropped all aggro.

Accidentally walking off the side of ICC while tanking Lich King in 10 man with my guild.

Accidentally calling ICC "Ice Cream Citadel" in vent chat. The guild never let it go.
The very first time I played WoW my friends took me to Stormwind to set my hearthstone. I hadn't hearthed after that, at all, until one night when I had zero friends with me. I was running around Stormwind and couldn't for the life of me find the way to get out (as in, the front gates). I asked my guild, hey how can I get out of Stormwind? Every single one of them replied "hearthstone" *sigh* I did figure it out, eventually.

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