Glyph of stars - Feral/Guardian equivalent?

Just wondering if this has ever been given consideration? Perhaps with some kind of graphical indication of which form the druid is in. I just get sick of looking at the same model all the time, and would be nice to have the option to not look like a level 20.
Considered and turned down.

Use glyph of cameleon
I would also like something akin to this.

A glyph which allows us to take on an "Aspect of the Bear" or "Aspect of the Cat"-type stance as opposed to the actual animal form, enabling the corresponding set of attacks.
Taking on aspects, or stances, of animals is what a hunter or ranger does. We are Druids; we become the animals.

The only reason Caster Form and Star Form exist is because Resto and Balance represent the magic casting nature of Druids. The physical nature of Druids is done by actually becoming the animals, not just doing what Hunters do and taking on the aspect of animals.
I very much want the option to not actually transform into Bear or Cat when using those forms. I prefer to have the option to remain (visually) in normal form, either augmented like stars does, or not.

if other druids wish to still go into the animal forms, they are welcome to just like Moonkins can make that choice today.
Glyph of Chameleon

Claws of Shirvallah (Ferals only)
yes we need a glyph that gives us the option to stay in our non-animal form while tanking or dps'ing
Just curious.....

Why do people pick and play a class KNOWING full well what it entails?

I'd rather see a glyph that makes it so you go back into the form you came out of when you hit Travel.

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