Anyone playing Wildstar?

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I bought it over the weekend and made it as far as installing it and logging into it. Anyone playing it and liking it so far? I still have to research the differences between the factions and all the classes and what exactly their play styles are in PvP.
Probably would be a good question on the wildstar forums WAAYYY over there ----------------------------------->
06/09/2014 11:27 AMPosted by Easylol
Probably would be a good question on the wildstar forums WAAYYY over there ----------------------------------->

No, I would rather get input from people here that have gotten a chance to try out arena in Wildstar so they actually can provide some feedback on how Wildstar Arena feels vs WoW Arena. I value the opinion of people that have been playing WoW for years more than people that don't play WoW that are just looking for any opportunity to hate on it and bash it.
I like it a lot. A few people I know on here have picked it up and are playing it. I've only done BGs but they seemed really fun to me. The combat system is really interesting to me in terms of how you can break CC, dodge attacks, etc and with fewer classes I don't think I have to worry about picking the wrong spec.
06/09/2014 11:46 AMPosted by Nopk
so they actually can provide some feedback on how Wildstar Arena feels vs WoW Arena.

They're two different games...Why compare them? Wildstar isn't trying to be like WoW. This guy matches my opinion pretty perfectly
This thread is gonna get locked soon.
This is relevant to my interests. No reason to get all uptight, defensive, and reactionary - some opinions from the perspective of people who play arena would be cool.
So far really fun
I bought it just because there is nothing to do right now but wait for WoD. I haven't played Wildstar yet, but it looks pretty fun. I like the double jump
Only reason I would play is if I didn't have to pay for another sub

Subscriptions blow
hah! We were JUST talking about that game!

Looks fun :)
06/09/2014 01:34 PMPosted by Kaiba This guy matches my opinion pretty perfectly

that was my experience with the beta, then i quit playing
The beta was fun
Besides the god awful optimization it's not too bad, the game play is fun, but that video pretty much sums up PVP, it's a cluster and not fun at all, there is a lot of lag both FPS/MS, the servers have problems in some areas, and you'll be lucky if you're able to run it at 30 FPS on any settings, it has VERY poor optimization, and they say that the optimization patch is coming 'soon' check the Wildstar forums if you want proof, but when you get past the FPS/MS Lag, the servers crashing, zones not working, mobs bugging out, quests not working, cluster mess that is PVP, addons crashing left and right, lack of content at max level, it's not a bad game, me and my wife got to 50 and just got bored, there truly is a lack of content at max level unless you like building and gathering parts for your house...

I'd stay away till they fix the massive amounts of problems it has.
The beta was fun

This. I got my medic geared out and my house was pimping then Cript goes and erase all my hard work because "new players would have an unfair advantage QQ" So whatever, fine. But now that I'm playing again I can't help but notice the little things that it pissing me off to no end. Like how you run like a fat kid if you don't spam your sprint and when you go to stop you move around (like you're trying to get your footing). When you mount up you move around a little which is weird as hell (again its like you're trying to get your footing) and even with your mount you're still slow as a dead turtle. Also you have to hump everything just to interact with npcs or pick something up. The game itself is not keybind well; you're main spells are 1-4 or whaetver but the game mechanics (mobs/ pvp) require you to constantly move around.

Call it nitpicking but when I feel like my toon is always spazing out it's not a fun game.

Also LOL what a scam early access was.
its a very fun and refreshing game. the combat is like Tera Onlines combat with training wheels on. that's not usually a bad thing as Tera was a pretty brutal game skill wise, if you sucked you weren't getting very far in it. when you could solo your first BAM, you pretty much knew you are more skilled than 99% of wows playerbase with reaction and movement skills.

as an above poster said, there is a bit of optimisation issues, which hopefully should be sorted out sometime soon, but other than that its very fun.

also with the point an above poster said about end game content, most people weren't around for launch of wow when there was literally 0 content above Lv 45, guardians of blizzard blocked off all of the high level zones, and auto killed you and you could only grind mobs in taneris to get to Lv 60. blizz didn't ship out the later zones for like 2 weeks to a month after wow shipped. the end game content comes in time with most MMOs, just as it had to with wow.
you can't rebind your abilities?
can someone point me towards a place where english is being spoken

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