A race's Animations

Which race has the coolest Sword and Board Animation?

Which race has the coolest 2 hander animation?

(Preferably Male races)
A lot of people will have many different answers to these questions as it depends on their own point of view. The coolest ones are the ones that look the coolest to you.
For alliance I prefer Humans be it male or female, both look the best in plate for their respective faction and both have amazing animations that mesh well with the warrior specific ones.
06/07/2014 07:05 AMPosted by Greil
For alliance I prefer Humans be it male

This was his question and for that I'll have to agree with ya because I'm not sure male worgen have it good nor draenei.

The gnomes too funny and dwarves too bland for my taste.
For Horde, I much prefer the animations of male Tauren and male Orcs. Dunno why they just seem more right to me,
I love my female worgens animations not thrilled with the rabid chihuahua head and face look but the animations are nice.
Human Males are pretty sraightforward with Sword and Board. It really depends on the shield you're using though (highly recommend Bulwark of Azzinoth) for maximum effect.

Any other race is just silly on Ally. Nelf as a whole looks like they're going to do fisticuffs with you rather than hit you with a shield. Gnomes... are Gnomes. Worgen are a bit weird, but that's more to do with their fugly faces throwing it off for me. Dwarves just look like they would take your legs out. And Dranei (spelling sucks coz i don't play them) are like "don't touch me EUGH" when they attack.

For Horde, Orcs are pretty legit. Tauren look like they would work, but the animations are a bit sluggish. Trolls look more like they'll hit you in a party-like fashion. Goblins are... Goblins. Undead are a bit unbalanced, and Belfs... well, they hit like girls.

Pandaren are okay, but Fem Pandaren seem more fluid with their animations than the males.

I like a lot of undead animations, but, most transmog looks bad on undead, at least in my book.

Quite happy with Orc male.
Belf male is not that bad either, though a Belf Warrior still seems wrong on the face of it to me.
Male UD have the coolest animations (polearms are especially fun), but like Baghtru said, plate looks really bad on them.
Pandas of course...
femorc master race
Orc 2 wep melee swing looks sweet. Worgen tend to do lots of forward flips, wouldnt mind going back to human but i think for WoD it might be Dwarf depending on how fury pans out.
I'm torn between Orc and Tauren, Aesthetically, which looks more powerful as a tank and as a 2hander wielder?
I'd say Tauren, their shield slam looks like it would freakin' hurt!
06/07/2014 08:18 PMPosted by Yaotl
I'm torn between Orc and Tauren, Aesthetically, which looks more powerful as a tank and as a 2hander wielder?

Hands down Tauren!
People will have different opinions. Like how I think most people in this thread were dropped on their heads.
Unpopular opinion, but I believe that night elf males have the most graceful, and elegance in the way they use their weapons/shields. So much that I contemplate leveling a night elf male prot warrior.

For two handed weapons, I would say orcs have the most aggressive stance, swinging them recklessly trying to tear apart any foe.

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