Monks OP?

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cat dps

xuen sucks btw
Most people who complain about WW being OP are coming from the perspective of duels, random bgs, wpvp or low rated pvp. In all those, if the WW is halfway decent he can seem like a superstar. Good burst, great survivability.

Personally I play MW, which I think could be considered OP-ish at low end pvp stuffs. I feel pretty unstoppable in randoms and low rated pvp and I'm only halfway decent.

For all the OP talk about WW, I think they actually needs buffs in a lot of areas, outside of damage and survivability (more QoL stuff). Disable spamming is annoying and seems like it is going to be the same in WoD. They also have, imo, the worst gap closers or at least the most "latency-makes-this-annoying" gap closers (non-targeted gap closers suck).
Monks power is due to their versatility. They have a 1.5 minute immunity bubble, a few stuns, amazing mobility, great self heals, stunning damage(literally, fof), outstanding mobility, multiple interrupts, stellar mobility and did I mention their mobility?

A monk has to heavily misplay to lose a 1v1 assuming equal gear. A decent monk can win most 1v2s against lower ranked players. There's even a video of a 1100ish rated 1v3ing monk in arenas. The fact that a monk can 1v3 over 400 rating is just ridiculous.

Windwalker monks are pretty much kings of PVP, right now. Their burst takes a little bit to setup, but can 100-0 most people, and stuns them during it. They're very quick to get away, nearly impossible to catch and have ways of getting out of snares, roots, stuns, etc. Ontop of all of this, they also have a warlock portal that moves.

They have counters for every class, as well. With multiple interrupts and great mobility, casters have a tough time managing them and the bursty classes may end up killing themselves if he drops Touch of Karma when a Chaos bolt is abotu to finish casting or *insert other burst here*. Melees have a hell of a time with the disarms, stuns, roots/kites, mobility/self heals, the (practically) immunity to roots/snares and teleport.

Why do people say monks are OP? Because they are pvp gods. In the hands of a good player, Monks are incredibly powerful for solo play. I'm sure they start to fall off in higher ratings, due to being easily CC chained to death, but outside of 3s/5s, they are incredible.
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The only class I can honestly just die from at any point if my team mates cannot peel them. Cant really kite them either, their roll has a longer range than my blink or even lock gate.

Says the druid complaining about mobility...
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Simply put, We're really good at punishing bad plays, when people do things perfectly, our job gets harder.

Yeah but a subpar player shouldn't be a match for someone who plays perfectly. I have no problem with monks, but currently they have more control then they need. Hopefully when WoD comes and guts CC's the balance between all the classes will be closer. I don't pvp much but when blizz has stated in the past this game isn't tuned for 1v1 or 2v2....then just raises a WTF flag. No wonder so many people are turned off by pvp.
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I'm honestly curious, if a class ends up being pretty bad by wow standards (generally any class can do enough damage to kill) would it naturally be considered OP simply because doing well on a bad class requires longer cc chains etc/better play in general. If its say a 2k warrior, vs a "2k" monk.. the monk is likely a more skilled player, and its more like a 2k vs. 2200 matchup or something.

sorry i didnt see this reqy! but tbh im not sure. There is a solid difference between 200 mmr and i think it is more based on the comp you play. A warrior that played kfc with a good hunter and healer could easily be carried above 2200 but might still be a 2k player. Monks could also be carried in comps like kfchi afflic/monk/x. So frankly im not to sure. Im not saying anyone that plays these comps got carried just an example.
Same thread exists on Hunter forum: Errmahgerrd, hunters op.

Same for locks.



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WWs are OP as they are nearly impossible to kill 1v1, and even outnumbered they can still come out ahead with stupid burst damage, heals, and yea. MWs can be dealt with, but a 550 WW monk is a !@#$ing ball of death dude.

Lol? Where the hell you get burst damage? A WW is no where near bursty must be thinking of a paladin.

Leg sweep > RJW > Chi wave > RSK > FoF

That is actually disgusting burst when used with 10 stacks of tiger brew.

I also have a video of me hitting a Mage for a 210k RSK in arena. It gets dumb at times but I think it evens out. I feel we are still very squishy outside of karma which is hard countered by any team with a Mage or Pally on it.

We are kings of 2s right there with mages and warriors, but it doesn't translate to 3s as well as it does for the other two.
Leg sweep > RJW > Chi wave > RSK > FoF

Shouldn't you Leg sweep > brew> rsk> rjw> chi wave> FoF.

Won't you get more dmg off of rjw, chi wave, and FoR with the rsk debuff on your target?
06/18/2014 10:06 AMPosted by Garganight
Leg sweep > RJW > Chi wave > RSK > FoF

Shouldn't you Leg sweep > brew> rsk> rjw> chi wave> FoF.

Won't you get more dmg off of rjw, chi wave, and FoR with the rsk debuff on your target?

That is assuming you arent already on the target with a RSK debuff. If you are doing a hard switch the RSK debuff would only not be applied for the first one or two ticks of RJW which is negligible. It updates as soon as the debuff is applied regardless. I guess if you are min maxing you would start off with a RSK after the leg sweep, which I think I do anyways now that I think about it, because it allows for RSK to come off of CD right around when your FoF stun wears off.

Either way good catch.
Monks are very strong in 1v1s and 1v2s, I'll admit that.

But really...what's the difference between that and mages being very strong in 1v1s and 1v2s for the past 9 years?
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Do you play class X?
If yes, then class X is OP.

Do you play class Y?
Class X and class Y are OP.

Whiners will whine. Though Windwalker is (very much so to my knowledge) the best spec 1v1 so a lot of people will probably argue about that.

I play every class. Does that mean every class is OP?
Windwalkers are very overpowered in 1v1 and 2v2 situations. I don't mean, "Oh wow, they are really strong!" I mean "Oh wow, there is nothing I can do to beat them... at all..." I find mages, warlocks, hunters... such classes strong. When they play without mistakes and execute their class, they hit hard and fight well. On the other hand, those classes can be punished for making mistakes, losing when outplayed. However, windwalkers don't lose. There are so many get out of jail free cards and methods to reap the win that there is no outplaying to be done.

Simply put, it's the only class I usually "hope I get lucky!" when I duel, not "I will do this strategy to outplay"
Mages are so OP, i die in a deep and i cant stun them! NERF PLZ

Pallys are so OP they can bubble my burst and stun me! NERF PLS

Rogues are so OP, they have to many stuns and the best burst in the game! NERF PLZ

Monks are so OP, they beat me in duels and can get away really fast! NERF PLZ

Warriors are so OP, they kill me in bladestorm and they're impossible to kill! NERF PLZ

Warlocks are so OP, they fear to much and chaos bolt kills me! NERF PLS

Priests are so OP, they're bubbles are strong and i die in fear! NERF PLZ

DKs are so OP, they grip me away from my target and necros kill me! NERF PLZ

Shamans are so OP, they can knock me off cliffs and their burst it to strong! NERF PLZ

Druids are so OP, they cant be polyed and their off heals are too strong! NERF PLZ

^ Class forums in a nutshell.

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