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When we were developing the Timeless Isle, we wanted to add some incentive for players to engage in world PvP independently of faction balance. To that end, we created the Censer of Eternal Agony and Bloody Coin mechanic. This created a “third faction” of sorts on the Isle, and brought an extra element of danger to players adventuring there.

We’re happy with how that worked out when Patch 5.4 released, but as time has passed, the general atmosphere of the Timeless Isle has changed. The majority of players who venture there today are either gearing up alts, or chasing after rare drops. As a result, we feel that it’s time to let the sun set on the Censer of Eternal Agony, and have increased its cooldown to 1 hour. Players who want to use it for its original purpose still can, but it will be a much larger setback when they’re defeated in battle.

That said, we still want players to be able to collect Bloody Coins (and the rewards that come with them), so we’re making some adjustments to the Fire-Watcher’s Oath item, which can now be purchased from Speaker Gulan for 100 Timeless Coins. The Fire-Watcher’s Oath allows the collection of Bloody Coins from PvP kills, doesn’t change your faction, and it can be used anywhere – including Battlegrounds. We’ve reduced its cooldown to 10 minutes (which matches its duration), removed the mounting restrictions, and have dramatically increased the ability to earn coins from PvP kills while it’s active. We want players interested in earning Bloody Coins to seek them out in a Battleground with use of the Fire-Watcher’s Oath.

Overall, we feel that these changes will not only make the Timeless Isle more attractive to players interested in its rewards, but will also give players collecting Bloody Coins a better way to earn them. We’re monitoring your feedback, and will continue to make adjustments as necessary.
Thank you for the post Lore
Inb4 "Blizzard is killing world PvP"
The Fire-Watcher's Oath's changes are very interesting! Thanks Lore. :D
06/13/2014 09:02 AMPosted by Fun
Blizzard is killing world PvP
The change allowing us to mount with The Fire-Wathcer's Oath was much needed.
Thank you
If the Oath item is buffed it makes up for it, sounds good to me.
06/13/2014 09:02 AMPosted by Fun
Inb4 "Blizzard is killing world PvP"

You should watch out.. they like to kill "Fun" too. :O
I believe we have reached an accord that satisfies all sides of the issue.
Besides the duration and mount issue, the main reason why people didn't use the Oath was because the coin generation was simply so bad.

A chance on a chance is unappealing no matter how you slice it, especially since you're not guaranteed 100% uptime, or even enough killing blows to generate a decent number of coins.

All I've gotten from these changes is that I'm glad I farmed my title before you gutted the Censer.
30 minute CD is fine, an hour is overkill, especially awkward when having to refresh at the end of the hour buff.

World PVP was fun while it lasted I guess, I'm glad I finished my title before you gutted the only open PVP left in the game.

EDIT: The Oath shouldn't trigger from HK's, you can go into an IoC and get 500 HK's a game, that's ridiculous.
well, that fire has been put out ♥
Now that all the rogues got your mounts and 'normal players' are trying' to get yours, the nerf comes. Seems fair.
06/13/2014 09:09 AMPosted by Darthvixen
well, that fire has been put out ♥

Should have prob had a statement the same day they hotfixed it, nothing goes unnoticed by the players and so many are SO FAST to rage. lol
Fire watchers oath is ridiculous, you'll have to do thousands of bgs for the achi.
06/13/2014 09:08 AMPosted by Facehurt
30 minute CD is fine, an hour is overkill,

I thought this at first, then I remembered that it sometimes takes me 45 min to get a decent buff from a shrine on the island... when you kill someone for a bloody coin, you're inconveniencing them too.

This sounds like a great way to fix the issue.
I don't mind farming the coins in bgs. That sound great. I do have a concern with needing to get the initial 100 coins to move into the bg atmosphere. I would be gracious if you looked into reducing it.

Whoa. I just read that it costs TIMELESS coins. That works just fine :).
Is it still only killing blows that have a chance of generating a coin?

Either way I'm happy to have a buff. I personally would prefer to gather coins slowly in BGs than on TI.

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