[A] 8/8 Gold CM Carries 750k & HFC/6.1 + Misc

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Thanks for the 3,001 memories! See you in legion!


07/19/2016 04:13 AMPosted by Sevenout
Great Final run for WoD. Quick and easy would recommend for anyone looking to buy runs of any sort in Legion!

07/19/2016 04:15 AMPosted by Vyeres
Great Final run to end WoD, Would recommend anyone buying boost/carries from Ruin in Legion and onward. Pretty great group when you all can stop for selfies in the middle of UBRS. :) 10/10 group guys thank you!

Need to contact me for business related inquiry?

Ever since getting run by Ruin's group and finally getting my Challenge Mode gear, my life has changed for the better. My acne started receding, my grades improved, and girls started noticing me.

I would highly recommend anyone that's looking to get their Challenge Modes done, to do so with this group. If my life changed the way it did, just imagine what it can do for you.

Ruin's 9/9 Gold CM Carries™ are simply amazing.
06/19/2014 08:36 PMPosted by Treebloom
Ruin's 9/9 Gold CM Carries™ are simply amazing.

This group worked around my schedule to help me get this done if your looking for a patient and professional group contact Ruin™..
Fast and efficient runs. Ruin carried both Iachadiel and I in the same run and it was fast and easy. Thanks again Ruin.
bump for my bro
Hi there,

I will buy a 9/9 CM carry for 100k. Add my BTAG Squishy#1920

i have add you to RiD Message me in game when you get it so we can talk

Bump it like it's hot
Had a nice and quick run. Everything went smoothly and everything was provided. Communication was good and would buy again. 10/10
Aelas and myself were in the same run today. Run went very smooth. Completed in about two hours. Would recommend this service.
Hiya. Ran with group and it went flawlessly. Definitely would recommend them to anyone looking around for a CM run.
quick and easy runs ty for the carry
Very fast, only took just over two hours. Would recommend to anyone.
Thanks again.
Best of the best prime players and guild as a whole.

If I had the gold and another 90 I'd go straight to these hunnies<3
Very good player, carried me in a lot of things, satisfaction guaranteed. Will be fast and easy clear of CMs.
Went with these guy. Great guys :) If I get enough gold, I'll boost my warlock as well with these guys. So smooth.
Fast, fun and extremely professional, these guys helped me every step of the way. Even carrying a fail-mage like me, they were patient the whole time. If I can scrounge up the coin, I'll definitely be calling on them again!
This group was great! Super friendly and they really know their stuff. It took hardly any time at all. I wouldn't trust anyone else to get me CMs in the future.
Hey, interested in a run. Btag is Huntard#1491, would like to trade TCG items for it (as my gold is on Bloodhoof/Duskwood)

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