All Saints Day! (all priest raid) 6/23/2014

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Attention fellow priests!

Are you a disc priest, are you a holy priest, or possibly a shadow priest tired of the shackles that bind you to various classes in WoW?

Often you are pigeon-holed into healing or only dpsing with other classes to clear a raid ... but now is not the time.

Now is the time you smooth out your healing robes, dust off that shadow dps gear and grab your beverage of choice for the All Saints Day -- All Priest Raid Part2!

That's right, on 6/23/2014 going to attempt a second MoP raid with ALL PRIESTS.

Some might call us crazy, but i'll call us pioneers, blazing the trail not often done by priests!

So what are you waiting for??

Sign up now!!!

All priests classes welcome ... sorry other classes, this one is just for the priests.

We'll be doing a clear of Throne of Thunder 25-man (normal for now) with only priests!! At the present time I haven't "heard" of ToT being cleared with only priests but if last week's Terrance of the Endless Spring was any indication ... anything is possible! Flex raid geared players will be the lowest possible cut-off for ilvl requirement.

Obviously higher geared folks will be given priority but sign up as you can never really gauge interest on something most would consider a crazy idea!!

I'll post fraps recordings of each boss kill on my fledgling youtube page:

**Hope to see you guys there!!**


*Please note, it's strongly encouraged you do not get saved to Hear of Fear if you can help it because if ToT goes fast we'll do as much as we can in HoF duing the allotted time limit.*
You really need to pick a day/time besides Monday at 7:00 PM (or Sunday)!
06/17/2014 08:23 PMPosted by Balkoth
besides Monday at 7:00 PM (or Sunday)!

yeah =/

Prior experience of making raids earlier in the week run the risk of overlapping with guild Seige raids for a lot of folks on openraid.

Ironically, we raid Sun/Mon nights at 7:30.
Who's tanking? <3

wtb priest tanks. world's first cloth tank (go away warlocks)
Who's tanking? <3

wtb priest tanks. world's first cloth tank (go away warlocks)

LOL We had a 788hp shadow tank for Sha of Fear. =)
Changed to ToT instead
8/25 priests have signed up for All Saints Day: Part 2!

Just waiting on your Mr/Ms. Priest reading this and desiring to test your raid prowess surrounded by your holy, disc and shadow priest brethren!

The raid even comes supplied with as many fort buffs imaginable!
12 spots remaining!

Sign up now to confirm your spot!!!
11 spots left before the raid is filled and we invite 5 reserves, which is not a bad thing if you're a reserve ... we pulled in two last Monday to replace 2 no-shows.

Hope to see some more of you there to help the all priest organized effort take on the hard task of fighting Lei'shen and ending his tyrannical reign forever ... at least until he respawns the following week!
It's really too bad LFR queues won't pop for a full group with nobody marked as tank. We'd be blessing Garrosh's face off otherwise.
Here they all are!

25 priests versus the Throne of Thunderrrr!

All Saints Day ToT Jin'rokh

All Saints Day ToT Horridon

All Saints Day ToT Council

All Saints Day ToT Tortos

All Saints Day ToT Megara

All Saints Day ToT Ji'kun

All Saints Day ToT Durumu

All Saints Day ToT Primordius

All Saints Day ToT Dark Animus

All Saints Day ToT Iron Qon

All Saints Day ToT Twin Consorts

All Saints Day ToT Lei'shen

**Please note: there's lag on the following videos: Megara, Dark Animus, and Lei'shen. Too many flying spells =) **

Got us featured on some news sites, mmo champ however doesn't seem likely, it's just not important news :(

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