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Hello all!

I am extremely happy to announce that we are welcoming a new member into our Most Valuable Poster program today: Mourninglory.

Anyone who has frequented the CS forum should be familiar with her as she has been with us for a very long time and has proven to be one of the most friendly and helpful members of our community.

We're glad we are able to recognize her as a valued member of our community!
Welcome!!! Glad to have you in MVP status!!
I brought the cake! (where do I set this?) Congrats Mourninglory! :D
Congratulation sweetie! You deserve it more than anyone I know.
Congrats!!! Super excited to see you joining the ranks of MVP, MG! <3
Congrats OMG! <3
Congratulations honey! You certainly deserve it! ♥
Conga rats !! But who will share the floofy pillow fort and snuggles with me now?
Congrats MG ;) Keep up the awesome!
Well deserved! Yay!
Well-deserved and perhaps a bit overdue. Welcome to the club.
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Awesome. Congrats MG.
yay! congrats!
06/18/2014 05:18 PMPosted by Seenah
Conga rats !! But who will share the floofy pillow fort and snuggles with me now?

I will!
Got the groceries put away and the kids to bed.
/noms dinner


Thank you! I'm very very humbled and honored .
Y'all can probably see a blushy haze coming from CT right about now >.>


edit: that is so bizarre to see my post in green O.O
More green! Yes!

Welcome, Mourninglory. :)
Gratz MG!! This was long over due and very well deserved.
O. M. G!!!!!

I can't even...


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