Black prince buff....

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I kill 6 bosses.... only drop 1 titan runestone from Lei Shen (the guranted one), I got 2 Legendary cloaks allready... the drop rate its the same, for me this buff no works.
Don't feel bad on my monk I had 4/12 this week starting out and ended with 8/12 :D you are going to find people that agree with you and others that are like "zomg I needed 10 and got all of them!" its all RNG and of course RNG is a pain. :)
RnG is still RnG
Ughh no! I logged on today after work sometime after 5pm central and I eagerly went into Pinnacles of Storms and Vale of Eternal Sorrows and only got the guaranteed two. VERY Pissed I had to go to the store came back hour and a half later I have this buff now and start getting Titan Runestones, now i'm short 2 stones and probably would have gotten with the 7 bosses If the buff had been on like it should have been. In good customer service that I expect from anyone I do business with I expect to be taken care of with the last two Titen Runestones I need. I also explained last night to my wife that this was such a awesome thing she should renew her account to take advantage of this but are you kidding me now? If I get another thank you for your problems from blizz with no customer service they certainly wont be getting my wifes business. In the scheme of things my wife's 15 dollars wont make a difference but I will be calling them tomorrow to complain aggressively to someone who gets paid enough to listen! I have worked in customer service for 17 years and expect good service for being a good customer.
Yea i feel like the "buff" doesnt feel like a buff when getting the Titan Runestones. Feels very much the same, just did SoO LFR on my shaman, only got one Titan Runestone out of the 4 bosses, and that was Sha of Pride the 100% drop one...
You all keep saying RNG,,no kidding but what did they increase the drop rate up 1%? It still sucks, 11 bosses and 4 stones, big deal!
This buff did nothing for me either. I killed all 14 bosses and got 3 runes. My friend got 10 runes out of 14 bosses. I'm going on week 4 of the quest.
9:00 a.m. on July 15th PSYCH! I have no buff - my friends have no buff and we all met up just to farm the damn Legendary quest items. Seriously Blizz... COME ON! If you say you're going to do something - do it! Don't lead your "paying customers" on and expect them to say oh, well... it's just one of those things. You seem to forget I'M YOUR CUSTOMER and without me you're nuthin!
odd. I just went 3/3 on my mage. have you prayed to RNGesus?

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