WTS 2200 2v2 Achievement lvl 80 Twink

-Finished Rank 1 80 US Tyrannical season (Secretarylol) at 2400+ rating (the only 80 above 2400 Tyrannical season)
-Grievious season I went 84 due to the arena changes and finished Rank 1 80-84 bracket at 2550 rating
-Made a new 80 since they hot-fixed the arena brackets
-2400+ rating in 2s at 70 / 2200+ rating in 3s at 70
-2200cr at 90 (Hoping to push glad this season *cross fingers*)

100% legit/legal = in-game service for in-game gold. Add zuberah#1650 and you can get more info if you're as serious as I am about doing this.
rank 1 twink too hard
troll troll troll troll hi hi hi hi
Autobots roll out!!
Level 80 twink hunter looking for rated pvp

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