what do people respect in arena

06/20/2014 09:08 PMPosted by Nathian
doesn't require as much setup as you like to say it does.

it does though. are there that many thug cleaves running around? in all the games we have played i have seen only a couple.

on the other hand i see a !@#$ ton of l$d, thunder cleave, turbo, kitty, none of which require even a though of setup.

if you don't think thug requires setup, then clearly nothing in the game does.
0/10 story would fall asleep again
crime, i rhyme lime
I respect people that win with risky teams that aren't suited for long games. Safe teams are boring for everyone involved imo.

thats how i justfiy playing beast :D 2k in 3 days on my new sham im so gud

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