Nimble Brew and Trinket CD

Since when did using nimble brew pop the CD of trinket? So basically nimble brew cannot be used in arena... Way to gimp my class Blizz.
it doesntttt
theres so much cc that every class needs extra trinkets nowadays
It does, I popped nimble brew from a mage's deep, and my trinket was on cooldown.
how are you 550 and think that nimble shares cd with a trinket

theres something wrong here

i hate to break it to you but trinket + nimble dont share a cd ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
guy must b trolling
06/20/2014 10:46 PMPosted by Harvestkingx
guy must b trolling


guys guys guys...moonguard.
I'm not trolling.. I switched to MW and nimble brew didn't trigger the trinket's cool down. Only when I was in WW spec did this happen. Perhaps I should've just opened a ticket, since apparently no one else is having this problem.
I figured out what was wrong. My macro for RSK and /use 13 for my pvp trinket. I had swapped my dps trinket for my freedom trinket, so my RSK macro was causing it to happen. If that makes sense.
Yeah was going to ask you if you had a /use macro'd into something, but my phone was dead and well, authenticator.

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