Libram of Light: A Holy Paladins' Guide (6.2)

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This post will no longer be updated and I will no longer be contributing to discussions herein.
It's been real. Have fun all.
New in 6.2: No big changes except Devo. DEVOTION AURA IS NOW BEST HPALLY 2 STRONK
Work on getting T18 4p and your Archimonde trinket ASAP.

SH vs. EF vs. SS is now kind of a personal choice. They're all fairly close in terms of throughput assuming you use them correctly.

Sanctified Wrath is now the best choice again.

Our tier bonus that increases beacon transfer slightly reduces the strength of double Hpally. But we have so much utility (and OP Devotion aura) that it's still very strong.

Please provide feedback and suggestions!

Where we stand
Holy Paladin abbreviations
-My recommendation
Stat Priority
-Stat Justification
Holy Shock
-Infusion of Light
Healer Synergy
Tips and Tricks
Alternate Builds
Disclaimer and Addendum
Naxes' Weakaura Displays

Introduction - Hi, I'm Andrasté/Secret, AKA Matt. Right now(6.1) I'm playing my Ret/Holy Paladin in casual level raiding.
If you need to get a hold of me add me @ EnaluEmakaru#1191 or post on this thread.



Where we stand

Right now Holy Paladins are incredibly strong. With almost every serious raid group fielding at least one (some times two). Double beacon + our utility and strong single target healing make us very good for most fights. That being said, our stacked AoE healing is not as strong as other classes, but that is not an excuse for not playing a Holy Paladin = )

Holy Paladin abbreviations

Avenging Wrath – AW (or Wings)
Beacon of Light – BoL / Beacon
Blessing of Kings – BoK / Kings
Blessing of Might – BoM / Might
Crusader Strike – CS
Devotion Aura – Devo
Divine Shield – Bubble / DS
Flash of Light – FoL
Hammer of Justice – HoJ
Hand of Freedom – HoF / BoF
Hand of Protection – HoP / BoP
Hand of Sacrifice – HoS / BoS
Holy Light – HL
Holy Power - HoPo
Holy Radiance – HR
Holy Shock – HS
Lay on Hands – LoH
Light of Dawn – LoD
Word of Glory – WoG


Tier one, Movement

-Speed of Light; A sprint, plain and simple. Increases movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds. With the high mobility requirements in WoD this is a must have.

-Long Arm of the Law; A mild sprint attached to Judgment. Judgment increases your movement speed by 45% for 3 seconds. Alternative to SoL. Judgment no longer costs mana so it can be used.

-Pursuit of Justice; passive 15% movement speed increase, gaining an additional 5% per unspent Holy Power to a max of 30%. Potentially useful, but most movement requirements need higher speed.

Tier two, Crowd Control

-Fist of Justice; Lower cooldown on HoJ. For raiding usually the best choice for stunning the occasional add.

-Repentance; CCs a targeted Demon, Dragonkin, Giant, Humanoid, or Undead for 1 minute. Situational usefulness, such as ccing trash.

-Blinding Light; AoE blind. Breaks on damage, low duration. Pretty much useless for us.

Tier three, Healing

-Selfless Healer; Judgment reduces mana cost and cast time of FoL by 35% and increases effectiveness by 20% per stack. Maximum 3 stacks. Only works with Flash of Light. Making it really only useful for niche single target healing.

-Eternal Flame; Increases power of WoG and adds a HoT component. In very certain situations (and probably with much more gear) this will be useful. Primarily used on tanks. Gains quite a bit of power with 4p T17. Overtakes SS at this point.

-Sacred Shield; Applies a buff to your target that will periodically shield them from damage. Least bad of the three talents. This will be the default choice in most circumstances (unless EF would work better). Keep on targets who take consistent damage.

Tier 4, Your Hands

-Hand of Purity; Reduces damage taken by 15% and DoT damage taken by 80% (less for boss attacks) for 6 seconds. Pretty decent choice. Particularly powerful on bosses with DoT mechanics.

-Unbreakable Spirit; 50% CD reduction on Divine Shield, Divine Protection, and Lay on Hands. If you take the Divinity Glyph this is a must have. It allows for more frequent use of LoH [for mana return]. Divine Shield [For free-casting through bad stuff], and Divine Protection [Which, combined with the glyph, is ridiculously useful.]

-Clemency; Adds a 2nd charge to Hands of Freedom, Protection, and Sacrifice. On any fight where you're expecting to use Hand of Prot, or Hand of Sac, this is a must have. Especially if you have new or under geared tanks that will need more frequent external CDs.

Tier 5, Cooldown/Buffs

-Holy Avenger; Causes your abilities that generate HoPo to deal 30% more damage and healing and generate 3 HoPo. With our neutered HoPo Gen this isn’t as potent. It would be amazing with EF but to be effective you need to generate HoPo every other GCD and that isn’t feasible in WoD. Still a solid choice. If possible alternate CS/HS to generate HoPo.

-Sanctified Wrath; Causes AW to last 50% longer and reduces cooldown of Holy Shock by 50%. Our default choice. Combined with Merciful Wrath this allows us pretty frequent access to our only CD. With the poor performance of HA and DP this wins it.

-Divine Purpose; Abilities that cost HoPo have a 25% chance to proc a free cast of any HoPo consumer as if you had 3 HoPo. With our slow HoPo gen this loses quite a bit of power. DP is only good if you’re casting frequent HoPo consumers. A solid choice if you're doing the 1 HoPo blanket strat. Note: Pretty decent synergy with the 4p T17 as well.

Tier 6, New Spells

-Holy Prism; Launches a beam of light at your target. If cast on ally, does healing to friendly and splash damage to enemies. If cast on enemy, does damage to enemy and splash healing to allies. Really useful for doing strong single target healing and some AoE damage. Or good AoE healing and single target boss damage. This is a great spell if the fight doesn't have any stacking.

-Light’s Hammer; Places a hammer on the ground that heals allies and damages foes in a 10 yard radius. If you can get the raid stacked in the AoE from this for the full duration it's an extremely powerful AoE heal. It will fill up most everyone Illuminated Healing, and also do a fair bit of healing. Amazing spell any for any stacked fight.

-Execution Sentence / Stay of Execution; Places a ticking HoT/DoT that either heals an ally slowly at first then does a large burst, or damages an enemy. Useful for if massive single target healing is required.

Tier 7, Beacons

-Beacon of Faith, Gives you access to a second Beacon of Light. As you can imagine this is incredibly powerful and is our default choice. Place 1 on each tank (or 1 on tank and 1 on another target).

-Beacon of Insight, Places a beacon of insight on an ally, increasing their healing received from your next direct single-target heal, or Holy Radiance, within 1 min by 30%. When consumed, or when the target reaches full health, it moves to the most injured ally within 40 yards. Limit 1. While this seems useful, it’s not. It bounces around too quickly to be useful for us, and has poor synergy with our healing method. Still quite effective for 5mans. Not so much in raids.

-Saved by the Light, When you or your Beacon of Light target drop below 30% health, you instantly grant the injured target a protective shield, absorbing up to 30% of their maximum health for 10 sec. You cannot shield the same person this way twice within 1 min. This is potentially useful. But compared to Beacon of Faith we’re just not seeing it.

My recommendation:
1. Fist of Justice
2. Speed of Light
3. Sacred Shield or Eternal Flame based on Preference
4. Use your best judgment
5. Sanctified Wrath, Divine Purpose if you have 4p T17 and don't need more burst.
6. As before use best judgment, except now Execution Sentence is actually pretty good if you need a huge single target heal. However Holy Prism will 9/10 be the best choice.
7. Beacon of Faith. Saved by the Light in certain niche circumstances where people will frequently be 'dying' Beacon of Insight for *some* 5 mans.

Useful Major Glyphs

-Beacon of Light: Removes the global cooldown on beacon, great for moving it around.

-Divinity: Increases the cooldown of Lay on Hands and returns 10% mana when you use it. Great in conjunction with Unbreakable Spirit.

-Flash of Light: When you FoL a target, they receive 10% more healing from the next heal within 7 seconds. Incredibly good with our playstyle.

-Hand of Sacrifice: Removes the damage transfer from HoS. Mandatory if you ever are using it.

-Light of Dawn: Reduces Light of Dawns target affected from 6 to 4. But increases healing by 25%. “Okay” for small group content. (5 or less people)

-Protector of the Innocent: Causes WoG/EF to heal you for 20% of the amount. A decent bonus.

- Merciful Wrath: Reduces cooldown and effect of AW. Allows for more frequent access to our only CD.

-Cleanse: Increases cooldown of Cleanse by 4 seconds, but gives it 2 charges. Quite useful if you’re dispelling a lot.

Minor Glyphs

-Falling Avenger has some situational usefulness.
-Fire From on Heaven looks cool.
-Righteous Retreat is mandatory for all paladins.

Recommendation: Sacrifice, Merciful Wrath, and Beacon of Light in general, use Cleanse and others as necessary.

Stat Priority (excluding Tertiary)

Multi-strike – Gives two chances for your healing spells to do 33% of their healing again.
Mastery - Causes a % of your healing to create an absorption bubble on your allies, Called Illuminated Healing.
Haste - Reduces the cooldown of Holy Shock, Crusader Strike, and Judgment, decreases cast times, and time between tics of Eternal Flame and Sacred Shield.
Critical - Gives your spells a % chance to do 200% its normal effect.
Spirit - Regenerates your Mana.
Versatility – Increases the healing you do by x% and the damage you do by y%.
Intellect – Increases Spell Power to make spells more powerful

With t18 set bonuses: Int > Spirit > Crit to HS cap > Haste > Multistrike > Mastery ~=~ Versatility > Crit
Without t18 set bonuses: Int > Spirit > Crit to cap > Haste ~=~ Mastery > Multistrike ~=~ Versatility > Crit
Why: Mastery is less potent once you have the increased beacon transfer (Beacon does not transfer IH)

Crit cap: You can either go for Crit cap with AW, with AW + SW or Without AW.
With AW+SW HS always crits
With AW you need 25% Raid buffed
Without AW you need 50% Raid buffed

Justification for stats

Intellect needs no justification since it cannot be stacked.

Haste has now become king. It adds power to EF and SS quite substantially and increases our HoPo generation and lowers our GCD making us less landlocked.

Versatility needs no explanation, it's simply a flat increase to HPS. (And reduces damage and increases damage)

Mastery will always be lurking in the shadows. Mastery gains in strength the more you're able to stack, late-game it will be quite strong again.

Multi-strike is a good stat for us, especially since it adds IH. But like Mastery it suffers from early-game stat deprivation.

Crit: Basically most arguments for crit hinge on Infusion of Light. Which is an amazing proc and does us a lot of good. Unfortunately the Crit cap for Holy Shock is rather low and accessible, and once Holy Shock has a guaranteed chance to crit, crit no longer holds as much weight for us.

Gems/ Enchants

Assuming Crit cap, if you aren't crit capped, simply gem/enchant Crit.
Greater Haste Taladite

Main Hand: Enchant Weapon - Mark of Shadowmoon for Mana regen & Enchant Weapon - Mark of the Thunderlord for higher throughput
Back: Haste Enchant Cloak - Gift of Haste
Neck: Haste Enchant Neck - Gift of Haste
Rings: Haste Enchant Ring - Gift of Haste
Rotation / Playstyle

Make sure you have Seal of Insight on at all times!
Holy Shock should be used ON COOLDOWN!

Keep your Beacon(s) on the Tank(s) or another player taking consistent damage.
You will use Flash of Light primarily on your beacon target(s). Healing the Beacon refunds 40% of your mana cost.
Use HoPo and HS to heal party /raid members. Use Holy Radiance sparingly and only when you have a stacked group.
If you took SS keep it on the Tank(s) and other players taking consistent damage.
Above all else you will primarily be spamming Holy Light on tanks. If you intend to cast more than 2 heals on someone, you probably should also have your beacon on that person.

If you took Holy Prism, use it on CD* on the boss! *Assuming consistent damage. If there is no damage at all then refrain from using it unless you know it will be back for when you need it*
If you took Light's Hammer, try to coincide it with large AoE damage (Use it slightly before to build up Illuminated Healing) Only with stacked groups.
If you took Stay of Execution, use it on your tank. No one else will benefit from its massive healing. *Sort of good for mushroom healing on Brackenspore if you REALLY want to go whole hog on the thing. Alternatively the soakers for Ko'ragh. But you honestly shouldn't need such desperate measures for those.

Essentially, you will want to keep beacon on your tank unless someone else will be taking large amounts of damage over a long enough period. Typically if you intend to cast 3 or more heals on them, they should have a beacon.

Sacred Shield and Eternal Flame both should be kept rolling on whoever is going to be taking the most consistent damage for the entire duration. This will typically be your tank(s).

If you didn't take Eternal Flame, Light of Dawn will in most cases be your HoPo spender of choice. Unless you have need for a free single target heal.

Use Holy Radiance very sparingly, and only if at least 4-5 people are within optimal range.

Crusader strike is a valuable way to optimize Holy Avenger, and Holy Power generation. If you're able to be in melee range with no negative consequences, feel free to utilize it.

Divine Shield is a Throughput Cooldown. Use it as such. You may use at times that require a lot of healing that coincide with periods of high movement. Such as the Quake Fire Lines on Twin Ogrons. Simply cast it and continue healing.

Hand of Protection and Hand of Sacrifice (and Hand of Purity) are amazing single target defensives. They should be used extremely liberally unless otherwise directed by your tank(s) or raid leaders.

Lay on Hands is literally a life saver. For optimal usage ensure that the target you use it on has less than
40% health.

In addition to single target defensives for your allies, you have powerful defensives for yourself as well. Divine Protection is an amazing cooldown for every fight. With the Glyph you can have 20% damage reduction to all damage. Without it is 40% against magic. With the talent Unbreakable Spirit it has an amazing 30 second cooldown. Allowing for it to be up for nearly every major incoming damage spike.

Lastly, Enjoy yourselves. Paladins are sometimes tough to get used to from other healers because of our diverse and unique toolkit. But we're incredibly strong and once you get used to it you will love it.

Holy Shock

Our primary source of Holy Power, Holy Shock has a few additional Side-effects.

Daybreak: When you cast Holy Radiance you gain a stack of Daybreak (to a max of 2 stacks). What this does is adds a sort of 'cleave' heal to your next Holy Shock. This healing is largely negligible however.

Infusion of Light: When Holy Shock crits, you will gain Infusion of Light, reducing the cast time of Holy Radiance and Holy Light by 1.5 seconds. This means that a Holy Shock critical can be followed by a powerful and fast single target heal (Holy Light) or an AoE heal (Holy radiance).

Enhanced Holy Shock: When you cast Holy Light or Flash of Light you have a 10% chance for the next Holy Shock to not trigger its cooldown. Meaning you can Holy Shock twice in a row.


Healer Synergy

This must be broken down into groupings otherwise it will be too convoluted.

Assuming a maximum of 6 healers (for Light knows why) We'll assume 1 is you and break it down in several ways.

In 5 mans, you are the sole healer.

In 10 mans, you will presumably have 2 healers. The other one ideally should be a strong AoE healer to compliment your weaker AoE healing. A Druid or Mistweaver is ideal for this.

In 12-15 mans, you will presumably have 3 healers. As in the 10man situation you should have a Strong AoE healer to compliment yourself. Additionally you'll want a flexible healer to fill in the gaps. Any other helaer can fill this role, but a Disc Priest would be ideal.

in 16-20 mans, you will presumably have 4 healers. You will 'definitely' want a strong AoE healer, a healer with a strong CD, and a flexible healer. Ideally this would be a Mistweaver, Disc Priest, and Resto Druid.

In 22-26 mans, you will presumably have 5 healers(maybe). At this point healer composition rarely matters. Simply get whatever you can that has skill and avoid stacking more than 2 of any spec.

In 27+ man groups, you will presumably have 6 healers (or very maybe more). At this point healer composition does not matter at all. Just avoid stacking more than 2 of any spec.


Per request of Boggyb

#showtooltip [talent:3/2]Eternal Flame;[talent:3/3]Sacred Shield
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead,talent:3/2]Eternal Flame;[@mouseover,help,nodead,talent:3/3]Sacred Shield

#showtooltip [talent:6/1]Holy Prism;[talent:6/2]Light's Hammer;Execution Sentence
/use [talent:6/2]Light's Hammer;[@mouseover,help,nodead,talent:6/3]Execution Sentence;[harm][@targettarget,harm,talent:6/1]Holy Prism

They let you switch from one talent to another without having to change which button you're pressing for your t45 or t90 abilities or having to swap macros on your bars.

#showtooltip Hand of Protection
/cast [@mouseover] Hand of Protection

#showtooltip Hand of Freedom
/cast [@mouseover] Hand of Freedom

#showtooltip Hand of Sacrifice
/cast [@mouseover] Hand of Sacrifice

These macros will cast your Hand spells on the target you are mousing over.

#showtooltip Lay on Hands
/cast [@mouseover] Lay on Hands

this will cast LoH on your mouseover.

#showtooltip Cleanse
/cast [@mouseover] cleanse

this will Cleanse your mouseover

#showtooltip Divine Shield
/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cast Divine Shield

this will cast Divine shield regardless of if you’re casting or not. And upon a 2nd press of the key, will cancel Divine Shield.

#showtooltip Beacon of Light
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][]Beacon of Light

this will Beacon your mouseover so long as they are alive. Otherwise will cast on your current target.

#showtooltip Flash of Light
/castsequence reset=3 Beacon of Light, Flash of Light
/castsequence Flash of Light, Flash of Light

#showtooltip Divine Light
/castsequence reset=3 Beacon of Light, Holy Light
/castsequence Holy Light, Holy Light

These two will allow you to get the most out of your beacon. With the Glyph it will apply beacon to your target and immediately start casting FoL or HL on top of them. Substitute Beacon of Light for Beacon of Faith to use with BoF.


ElvUI is a popular UI addon

Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs are mandatory for raiding. Tons of useful info

GTFO is an addon that screams at you if you’re in fire

Parrot & Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text are battle text addons that can be helpful

Recount or Skada can be useful to see where you stand comparatively to other healers [Note: I don’t adhere to healing meters and if I can impart you with any personal knowledge please don’t pay tremendous heed to them, they are guidelines, not law]

Weak Auras is incredibly useful and popular. Adds a cooldown bar, a hand bar, a HoPo bar, and a sacred shield tracker (as well as much else)

Grid and GridClickSets are useful addons to help with raid frames and debuffs.

Healbot (I only post this because of its general popularity. I am strongly against it personally) Allows you to bind heals to simple mouse clicks and the like.

SPtimers is a decent CD tracker and HoT/DoT tracker.

Hermes is a raid wide cooldown tracker. If you happen to be in charge of healing or raidwide CDs. I suggest you get it. It’s also nice to see what you can call for if necessary.

Tips and Tricks

[DPS] As Naxe mentioned. In Heroic progression and especially during Mythic progression dps is very important. If you have the GCD to spare, use denounce on the kill target to help out. Even if you do a whopping 100k dmg through the fight that still helps prevent 0% wipes.

Never Hand of Protection or Hand of Salvation your tanks. Unless by request or if you're in an actual raid group with them. It can be useful*see below*.

Hand of Protection can remove He Softfoots' Garrote; it can be placed on healers during Thok to prevent them from being interrupted. Hand of Protection can be used to clear MANY physical DoT and debuff effects from raid members and tanks.

Hand of Protection is pretty uber for impales on Blackhand, as well as Kromoggs hand thingie. (Allows HoP'd person to stay out)

If you have to use Hand of Protection on a tank or melee and you don’t trust them, use another Hand spell immediately after, it will cancel Hand of Protection and allow them to regain threat / resume dpsing

Like Hand of Protection above, Devotion Aura can [and should] be used to prevent the whole raid from being interrupted by Thok.

Divine Shield can be used as a healing CD. If there is a big fire-ground mechanic, bubble, stand in it, and heal =)

Alternate Builds

No popular or shocking alternate builds exist yet. I will update this as more information comes out. *Plus we can’t really stack stats hard so yea*

Addendum: I will check this post frequently and add suggestions and modify information per request.
If you need to get a hold of me add me @ EnaluEmakaru#1191 or post on this thread.

Please provide feedback and suggestions!

-=[Disclaimer]=- This is merely a compilation of knowledge, I don’t claim to own any materials herein and am merely putting it in an accessible format in another location.
Naxes' Weakaura Displays

Naxe is a great player and recently switched to Holy Paladin. I'll keep this updated as he adds more to his weakaura strings.


Simple on screen display to track:
1. Holy Power
2. The CD of Avenging Wrath
3. The Duration of Avenging Wrath
3. The CD of your T90 Talent
4. The CD of Holy Shock
5. Enhanced HS Procs and the Duration
6. The T17 2PC and 4PC Procs and their Duration
7. Divine Purpose Procs and the Duration

Here are some screen shots of what it looks like in game (It's the thing in the middle of my screen below my character)

Base Layout

With 4 Holy Power and EF ready to use

This displays the T17 4PC Proc with a LoD in place of the EF Icon
This also displays a green bar for the duration of Avenging Wrath

This shows the T17 2PC Proc with a Green Icon for EF

This shows a Divine Purpose Proc which is the Blue Judgement Icon

Note when Holy Shock, Avenging Wrath and your T90 talent are on Cooldown it will show the remaining progress as well.

Here is a link to the pastebin for the WA

Here is an additional link to my Holy Pally bar that goes below my raid frames it tracks the CD and availability of all kinds of good stuff.
In combat display
Nice One
Awesome guide! If You could add some of your PvP knowledge to it, that'd be even better! :D
Can't believe Daybreak isn't mentioned. :O
06/24/2014 03:54 PMPosted by Lap
Can't believe Daybreak isn't mentioned. :O

Oh Lap you rascal! Daybreak isn't gamebreaking enough for me to mention using it with procs and targeted AoE. The average player will get by without planning it seriously.

That being said, I'll add a section.

06/24/2014 03:34 PMPosted by Luxxiï
Awesome guide! If You could add some of your PvP knowledge to it, that'd be even better! :D

I will get around to adding a PvP section as soon as I can. Thanks for the compliment!
06/24/2014 04:23 PMPosted by Andrasté
add a section

I've often wished that a thread's creator could moderate it or move the useful comments to the top.
"Reserved" spots=~=solved=slick move.
Omg I wish that too. That or upvoted comments should get moved up.
Your avatar confuses me.

Please keep this updated because I'm bad at Holy and I need help etc etc.
06/25/2014 10:40 AMPosted by Qris
Your avatar confuses me.

Mine is unique because I spliced it with t8. If you look at our neckline you can see you're wearing a tabard and my skin is showing. ^.~

06/25/2014 10:40 AMPosted by Qris
Please keep this updated because I'm bad at Holy and I need help etc etc.

UPDATED! Added a PvP Section (Will refine later) And a Holy Shock/Infusion of Light/Daybreak section!

Edit; UPDATED AGAIN! Added a healer Synergy portion to help you decide who to heal with!
This is too good of a guide to let it slide into obscurity. So I would like to add some of my own thoughts.

Macroing GotAK and AW together is good. I do want to add that this is the one and only situation that a EF spec holy paladin may want to use LoD as a finisher. GotAK will duplicate all of our heals (including beacon), except for EF ticks. It will duplicate the beacon ticks from EF, but it won’t duplicate the EF ticks themselves. It will even duplicate Daybreak effect. Just not EF ticks.

With regard to haste BP, personally I think haste BP is entirely a function of your gear. I am using the 45% (10,867) haste BP right now. Going down to 35% (7,170) would net me around 1,300 mastery and the rest of the haste would be converted into crit and spirit. Actually mostly spirit. Also, converting haste to crit is not efficient (600 crit rating vs. 425 haste rating).

Furthermore, haste gives you more than just faster cast, gcd, and EF ticks. Three of our standard items are based on RPPM proc which is affected by haste (legendary meta and cloak, & fuse trinket). Surutcra did a nice write up on the basis of RPPM which I link here.

As you can see, 10% haste makes a difference in proc rate and up time. It works out roughly to 7% more procs when you compare 45% haste BP vs. 35% haste BP. About 1% more uptime for the legendary meta and the equivalent of 350 spirit for a fully upgraded heroic fuse trinket.

The legendary cloak is actually a very interesting case. The RPPM for holy paladin is 0.64 (second only to disc pries at 0.81) which is balanced for SH spec. It is definitely not balanced for EF spec. When compared against a disc priest (garbage haste not even worth mentioning) or resto shaman (approximately 41% raid buffed haste), my spirit of chi-ji healing would generally double and even triple their spirit of chi-ji healing. There has been fights where my spirit of chi-ji healing would be 4x to 5x of our resto shaman. On one of our early heroic shaman kill, spirit of chi-ji did a whooping 16% of my healing.
06/27/2014 03:40 PMPosted by Rasul
This is too good of a guide to let it slide into obscurity.
06/25/2014 10:40 AMPosted by Qris
Your avatar confuses me.

Poor Qris will be even more confused now! Too much Immolation tier!

06/27/2014 03:40 PMPosted by Rasul
This is too good of a guide to let it slide into obscurity.

Thanks very much!

06/27/2014 03:40 PMPosted by Rasul
So I would like to add some of my own thoughts.

Edited post to reflect your information. Good catch I totally spaced out and forgot about RPPM/PPM stuff!
Bumping to keep on the front page.
07/01/2014 06:58 PMPosted by Thrass
I would recommend you not post PvP stuff as this is wrong.

Provide suggestions and/or correct me and I will update it.

The information posted is what i've been able to find through several sources. As I did not decide to PvP seriously this season.

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