Libram of Light: A Holy Paladins' Guide (6.2)

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I'm sorry but what exactly is wrong with any of that information? I do say they are viable options. This isn't meant to be a guide to 2500 ratings, or 14/14 HM raiding. It's the basics.

That being said I will edit the information to clarify when and how to use them.

07/01/2014 07:08 PMPosted by Thrass
You should really add the alternate choices in.

I had already planned on it. I haven't had a chance to do any major editing recently.

Just going to edit this to avoid filling up the page with responses.

Thanks for bringing these issues to my attention, if you've read the rest of the guide you've seen the formatting and rationale/clarity I used for that portion. I added a small PvP portion just to have a piece there, always with the intent that I would come back and format it and properly do it. I've been busy IRL lately and haven't had a ton of time to work on it. Again, thanks for your suggestions and comments. I will edit that portion as soon as I have a chance.

I suppose I shouldn't have rushed adding in the PvP section when I knew I couldn't do it justice. That's my fault.
thankyou for the wonderful guide! (why no sticky yet?? D: )

It definitely gave me some new direction as a freshly leveled 90. thankyou for taking the time to write it!
Posting on this for the sole reason to find it again, I have no idea why this is not stickied.

Also quick question. I find myself almost always in high stress situations where I need high output on heals and I also am at 15.5k spirit.

Where would you reccomend putting that spirit to have a higher output? I like crit but I also have enjoyed allocating it to haste.

I use eternal flame, heal with a resto druid, and almost always my heals are the majority of the raids healing. I'm working on ridding of my last int/spirit gem.

And lastly I appreciate this great piece of work you got here Andraste. I like this thread a lot to newer Paladins.
Haha, thanks guys.

@ Divium, With a resto druid you should be running a high mastery low haste build. [Something like 3506 haste breakpoint] And as much mastery as you can muster. The Druid [should] will be doing most of the throughput healing. Your main job is to get as many EFs out around the raid as possible and more importantly to get Illuminated Healing up on people. This will help ease out the damage spikes.

I checked your armory but you're in pvp gear atm so I can't give more specific advice. If you think you're fine on mana try to go up to the 7170 haste breakpoint and lower your spirit.

What regen trinkets do you have?
Do you have your 2p or 4p tier16?
Any particular fights that are giving you trouble? Logs would help especially.

Sorry for late response, Holiday weekend and all =x

[e] Grammar
Updated it. I'm replacing that silly pvp ring this week and I just rid of that spirit gem in my helmet
Okay. I ran you through AMR with my custom stat weights and was able to get you to the 7170 haste breakpoint and lost just a very little amount of mastery for it. Your trinkets are great and you have the meta gem so you can run 10-14k spirit and should be mostly fine.

Make sure your druid does his share of research and work too. Like I said in my earlier post, your MAIN job is to help smooth out the damage spikes with Illuminated Healing. He should be going for a high regen high throughput build to allow him to rejuv spread like crazy.

Use your GotAK/AW macro freely as a throughput bump. Rely on your HA/DF macro for your "Healer CD".
[You should use Holy Avenger over Divine Purpose]

With that said if you have access to logs or if anyone logs your fights that would let me help you much more.

If you need more advice/help add my battletag and I can break stuff down more with you / for you.
Thanks a lot I appreciate it, I'll make sure to get those logs soon and I understand what my role is normally but my partner isn't that great so I try to use the excessive of spirit to throw out more healing but I'll talk to my partner about this and hopefully we'll both do better .
07/07/2014 06:54 PMPosted by Divium
I'll talk to my partner about this

You win the day. Back in the day when I raided in a 40m guild and a 25m guild us healers created our own channel and talked the entire raid. Communicating with your co-healers and understanding what each other CAN do and what each other are SUPPOSE to be doing is critical.
Unfortunately my partner was not willing to work on our strengths and despite having a higher output on HoTs and the additional haste being really rewarding I'm going to have to revert to having atleast 15 spirit to throw out additional healing and to make it easier on my mana.

Also Holy Avenger is amazing! Thank you!

It's a L2P issue but not on my part and again I praise you for this thread and farewell.
07/09/2014 09:47 PMPosted by Divium
Unfortunately my partner was not willing to work on our strengths

I'm very sorry to hear that. Well go forth with the knowledge that you took the high road.

Be excellent to eachother \m/
Front paging
07/14/2014 02:52 PMPosted by Avangelynejr
Alphonce and I are writing a combined spec set of pvp guides.

Will add a link to the guide. Thanks for feedback.
-={I Humbly present to you, A Holy Paladins Compendium!]=-
For Eternal Flame

Spirit till comfortable ~13-16k > **Haste to most accessible breakpoint (usually 3506 or 7170)** > Mastery > Critical > Further Haste

**You should NEVER gem for a haste breakpoint unless you’re close to it. (Meaning you only need 1 gem to get there)**

Breakpoints are at: 3506, 7170, 10867, 14535, 18204 [But realistically the most geared paladins only go to 7170]

Again as Rasul pointed out, you reach breakpoints as your gear allows. And when doing your stats, use your brain! 3% mastery lose for 7% haste gain is worth it!

Great guide.

Came on here looking for what kind of spirit people were running. I notice from your armory, you don't seem to be following your own advice here. You're running ~12k spirit and the 3rd haste breakpoint. Did you find 13k was a bit much for you?
I run with 2 dps shamans and several other "hybrid" classes in my 10m raid. This allows me pretty hefty freedoms with my mana.

I'm actually going to be testing a high haste high spirit build soon as well.

07/15/2014 09:52 PMPosted by Inada
Spirit till comfortable ~13-16k

^^^^ Always the mantra. While the recommended is 13-16k for EF. Wherever you find works for you is the best.

As for the third breakpoint, at ~570 you start to be able to reach it pretty easily. Running AMR and totaly min spirit I am able to get up to 60% haste and remain in the 45%ish mastery range.
Thanks for the guide. Always nice to see how other paladins play. Definitely should be stickied.

07/16/2014 12:01 AMPosted by Andrasté
I'm actually going to be testing a high haste high spirit build soon as well.

I'd love to hear how this turns out. I ended up using something similar on Iron Juggernaut (10h), but I was coming from Selfless Healer, not an EF/Mastery build. It would be nice to hear a comparison of haste vs mastery EF builds.
07/16/2014 07:26 PMPosted by Kamigamo
I'd love to hear how this turns out.

When we were first doing normal Garrosh10 I opted for a high haste high spirit build because I felt like I needed higher throughput for the Whirling corruptions. I was at the 55% haste breakpoint and ~18k spirit and it felt really fluid and controllable. I particularly enjoyed it because with a mastery build I rarely feel as though I can do emergency healing. Either it's going well or it's out of control. With Haste you have a bit more ability to react if something goes wrong.

Of course the argument between haste and mastery is just like Holy and Disc for priests. Would you rather smooth out the incoming damage and try to negate emergency moments, or would you rather have higher throughput and be able to deal with spikier, less predication damage?

I'll be posting something on it soon enough. I'm also going to be testing out double amp trinkets for both Mastery and Haste. [If I feel super ambitious I might try a crit build too, but I like to run at least 2 weeks of raiding with a new build to eliminate RNG and flukes]
Andraste, first, great guide, and great name, haha.

Second: I'm interested to know WHY EF and SH are preferred of Sacred Shield as talent choices in a little more depth than "used primarily for pvp and small content". What in particular makes it suckier than the other two?

Obviously I can see the benefit of SH to several heals, but it relies on paying attention to judging, and most of the utility to it for Holy is going away in WoD (doesn't affect any heals other than FoL from what I read).

So, thoughts? Wisdom? Insight? :D

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