Most "Fun" Healer and Why?

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06/19/2014 10:51 PMPosted by Friday
IMO Mistweaver Monk

I have been healing in WoW since 2007 and have extensive exp on Holy Paladin and Holy/Disc Priest, but my MW monk is just so damn fun. I never thought I would find a healer more fun than my Priest, but the monk delivered. The healing style of my Monk feels very unique. I like the general theme of the class as well, its aesthetics and whatnot.

One thing I like about my monk is the active role I have in my mana bar thanks to mana tea and chi brew. With respect to my manabar, Disc/Holy Priest and Holy Paladin feels like I am driving an automatic whereas MW Monk feels like a manual.

This, just switch Priest/Paladin with Shaman for me. I've played a Resto Shaman from day one. Loved it so much I continually rerolled the same class several times. Never imagined liking any other class/spec even nearly as much, then came the Mistweaver!

And as a bonus, the Monk class quest gives a leveling bonus that'll get you to 90 fairly quickly.
I like healing with any class.

Paladin is my main preference, because I enjoy having more ways to help the team than just using healing. That said, there are pros and cons to every class and spec. It's really up to you to find what is most fun for you.
Mistweaver or holy pally, imo. Just like the playstyle and the tools they have available. Also the armor.

I like druid healing too but haven't really played resto in a while. Haven't played a resto sham since Cata. :p
06/20/2014 12:32 AMPosted by Arynevia
All of them. Not kidding :3 Every class and spec that can heal, I play it. And they're all fun imo.

06/20/2014 12:30 AMPosted by Sanosukesan
To me, Resto druid has the perfect balance (pun intended) between reactive and proactive healing. This can make the spec a ton of fun.

Can I ask you a serious question?

I gave up healing on my druid (was his main spec) because I was completely unable to keep up with raid damage.

My shaman with 40 points less item level had no issues on the same fights.

How the heck are you supposed to deal with raid damage as a druid on fights like Thok?

The Rejuvs don't work fast enough, and don't last long enough to effectively pre-apply them for Genesis.

The mushroom is amazing but not perfectly reliable, and Wild Growth is very underwhelming.
Resto Shaman. I love it. :)
Druid or shaman.
Truly love my Discipline priest.

Although after reading Friday's reply about Mistweavers, I might have to try them out!
I'd say druid. It's play style is very intuitive, easily set up (please don't think I am saying it's easy, any class has it's ups and downs on difficulty).

And... though I hate to mention this, it's simple enough to choose tank or melee/range dps instead if it doesn't work out. One spec or another is always viable for a druid, since there are 4 to file through.
06/20/2014 03:25 AMPosted by Coward
anymore? I'm torn between Druid and Shaman

I like my sham over my druid, but thats my flavor. Also i suggest you look over the WoD notes about the class you might take. Yes they're subject to change but there are a lot of things that is very different in WoD this might effect your choice for better or for worse.
06/19/2014 11:41 PMPosted by Huggywuggles
06/19/2014 08:17 PMPosted by Coward
I understand my question is subjective, but unfortunately not having played a healer with any real commitment before i need others opinions to help me decide what i want to play.

I'm not really after whats currently strong, i just want something thats enjoyable to play. I'm mainly PvE focussed.

I had fun waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in Heroic Mech healing the tank. With my Hunter. With Heavy Netherweave Bandages. And in some cases, being quite successful in saving him from death.

This brings back my most memorable healing moment when my hunter bandaged our only remaining healer who was stuck in an ice block on KT in Naxx, saving them from death and getting the Ultimate Triage achievement.
06/20/2014 03:25 AMPosted by Coward
anymore? I'm torn between Druid and Shaman

It'd be hard to make this call for you. Each healer is very unique in its method, so I think its a bit more of a personal preference.

I love my shaman, but i also have a boosted druid. I don't enjoy it as much but that may because i don't feel comfortable with it.
I'm not too fond of shaman healing, but can definitely agree with priest/druid being fun.

Drask: One thing I've found with druids is you really need to consider fight mechanics for stats and talents. Like for Thok, treants are worthless, SOTF is okay, and Incarnation is freaking amazing. For Garrosh, the damage bursts are spaced differently and small enough that they only need a moderate amount of healing to survive, so SOTF becomes awesome and Incarnation is overheal central. (I don't actually know when treants are worth a damn)

Plus the ungodly damage you can throw out with HOTW is pretty hilarious if you get a good window to unload.
06/19/2014 08:36 PMPosted by Frankerz
Resto Shaman.

Chain Heal and Healing Rain are all you need to know.

OP, Resto shaman for me is the most fun. But if you listen to people like a quoted, then you are taking advice from people that don't even know how to play the class.

The common misconception about resto shaman is that all we do is chain heal and put down healing rain. While that may all be well and good if you are getting carried all the time (hint hint person i quoted) in actuality if you are playing progression content, or are the one actually carrying someone, then you will need to do more than just two spells.

Resto shaman is fun for me, because there are so many different ways to play the class in terms of stat builds to fit into different raid makeups. Also the availability of spells goes a long way into how you play as well (though that will go away after blizzard takes their dirty paws into the spellbooks)

If you are a progression based raider with a guild still working on completing SoO, Mastery is the better build because your raid will be taking more damage that you need to heal, but don't drop you crit to far where it hurts your mana regen in combat

If you are on farm mode for normal, a crit build with some elements of mastery will be better.

If you are on farm mode in heroic then a haste and crit build will be the best.

Through your use of totems, chain heal, healing rain, riptide, ect you bring with you many healing CD's and powerful multi target healing spells. A shaman is a healer of damage, outside of our one talent selection that gives the shaman an absorb shield, we only heal damage after it has been dealt. Unlike a holy pally that uses absorb shields to mitigate incoming damage.

Resto shamans bring the following raid wide CD's

Mana Tide Totem - Your fellow healer(s) will thank you

Spirit Link Totem - Excellent use on stacked fights like galakras or the fallen protectors

Healing Tide Totem - I like to call it the totem of life. Put down during large spikes of damage, or if damage comes out and your other healers fail to catch it, throw this down, and watch everyone's health go back to full.

I've played resto druid, disc priest, and holy pally as well, but the shaman is the one I always come back to. For me, there are classes i can play, and then there are classes that feel fit like a glove and i can play exceptionally well, for some reason shaman feels natural to me. That is the greatest way to discover what healing class fits for you. I'm not talking about always being number 1 on the charts in healing, but which class do you feel fits you the best. You may not be number 1, on the charts, but the class you personally like the best will be the one you excel at the most.
06/19/2014 08:17 PMPosted by Coward
I understand my question is subjective, but unfortunately not having played a healer with any real commitment before i need others opinions to help me decide what i want to play.

I'm not really after whats currently strong, i just want something thats enjoyable to play. I'm mainly PvE focussed.
Now? Druid, because they are the most effective while not nailed to the floor.

In WoD? None.
06/19/2014 08:39 PMPosted by Beautia
I've been enjoying my Discipline Priest if for nothing more than I can do damage abilities and heal at the same time through Atonement.

A Goddess of Beauty

If necessary, I can hit the F key to assist, hit Bubble on the person being beat on, and then go back to DPSing.
I have a disc, mw, rdruid and rshaman. Sorry no experience with holy priests/pallies.

I find the mw the most rewarding, the druid the most relaxing and the shaman the easiest to pick up and do well with. As for fun I enjoy all four of these specs equally and am having alot of trouble picking just one to take into Warlords as my healing alt.
I've found resto sham to be the most tolerable, but I still wouldn't call it "fun". XD

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