Any tips for an inexperienced Feral?

Hello Druid community,

I've recently started playing a Feral and did a few BGs to get somewhat caught up in gear being in full honor and conquest gear (no weapon) and although I think I'm familiar with my skills and abilities, I'm still not quite getting the hang of Feral. From what I understand, it's important to bleed and kite to heal, although I feel like I'm relatively squishy. If you have the time, could you share some quick tips on how to play in Arena? Thanks in advance.
Here's a good comprehensive feral guide, which includes openers, bursting, talent choices and stat choices

in double dps 2s you often have to use your PS procs to root a target and run to a pillar to get space for healing and possibly a soft reset. If your partner is already at the pillar wild charging at him can give you space even faster. I often open hard with my partner, and depending on the damage they do to us/cooldowns we get out of them we make the decision to either stick in or run and reset.

In 3's you don't need to run nearly as much (since you have a healer and a symbiosis cooldown), but when you don't have survival instincts or barkskin you will often need to kite until you get skin back. Without bark skin you can literally get globalled in a stun, ferals take a ton of damage so make sure to stagger your defensives well and run when you're running low on them. Use PS procs on roots, typhoon, wild charge, shadowmeld, roar, or anything else in your book to get space when you need it. Communicate with your healer to avoid overlap on cooldowns so you don't have to spend the whole game running :p
Good stuff! Thanks for your help Zvf.
I've posted this answer a half dozen times, but here I go again.

My life as a feral changed DRASTICALLY when I spenT a day and worked on movement. Basically I resolved to fight a string of BGs using only autoattack and an occasional Shred. My goal was to always be behind my target, never get hit once, have a continuous stream of white damage, and land every Shred. It's all about positioning and movement-- rather easy with our 150% movement speed.

If you get really good at this it will drastically change your fights. After I mastered this I found I could fight warriors and DKs and completely destroy them, walking away with 90% health. So my one tip to any new feral is LEARN TO MOVE.
First I want to thank you both even though i'm not the OP I am considering creating a new Druid or trying to use the 90 I have. Reason I may create another is because I have had it 6 or 7 years and been boomkin almost the whole time and I haven't touched it hardly at all since I hit 90

So my question is if you don't mind is, would you just try to learn on the 90 I have if I want to go feral/guardian or level a new one to learn the feral ropes so to speak?

Again thanks for your time :)
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