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I'm a returning playing that is really not sure what to do. My main character, Sizuarl, has so many spells it is overwhelming. I don't know where to put anything, like what action bar to place the spells at. It is making the transition from playing the game again difficult. Anyone mind giving out some advice? What spells do I need? I'm currently only using the ElvUI. No other addons.
You 'need' a lot of spells as a druid. I'm feral and here is a list of the (key bound) spells on my bars (might miss a few).

Bar 1

  • Bear Form
  • Cat Form / Bash Macro (I can only bash in car form, but I am in it 95% of the time, sucks but I need the other binds)
  • Travel Macro
  • Prowl
  • Rejuv
  • Pounce/Rake/Maul Macro
  • Faerie Fire
  • Rip
  • Maim / Mount (maim in combat + cat form, mount out of combat)
  • Barksin
  • Nature's Grasp

Bar 2

  • Mangle
  • Skull Bash
  • Healing Touch
  • Trinket
  • Ravage / Lacerate macro
  • Wild Charge
  • Entangling Roots
  • Swipe / Cancel Form (only use swipe if I am PVE-ing)
  • Shred
  • Cyclone / Focus Cyclone
  • Might of Ursoc
  • Thrash

Bar 3

  • Tiger's Fury
  • Dash/Stampeding Roar macro
  • Hibernate
  • Racial
  • Savage Roar/Frenzied Regen Macro
  • Ferocious Bite
  • Typhoon
  • Symbiosis
  • Berserk
  • Treants (or w/e other talent I choose)
  • Tranquility
  • Set Focus Macro

Bar 4

  • Remove Corruption
  • Remove Corruption Teammate 1
  • Remove Corruption Teammate 2
  • Wild Charge Macro to healer (eat traps, cancels form, targets teammate, wild charges to them)
  • Nitro Boots
  • Goblin Glider
  • Healing Touch Macro Teammate 1
  • Healing Touch Macro Teammate 2
  • Focus Skull Bash
  • Focus Wild Charge
  • Focus Bash
  • Focus Roots/Treants

Extra Buttons

  • Savage Defense
  • Innervate

Most of the other spells are on my non-keybound bar, since I rarely use them (buffs, etc...). I don't have wrath, moon fire or soothe on my screen.

I have pretty much hit the ceiling as far as keybindings go (that I can reliably hit) and I still need about 3 more better keybindings. My savage defense and innervate keybindings are weak and I mis click them a lot. If you are doing the math that's about 50 key binds.

PS - yes I was bored
06/24/2014 04:23 PMPosted by Cathom
If you are doing the math that's about 50 key binds.

If any one else wants to, please post a picture or make a list of all the spells on your action bar. I want to copy from someone.
Make sure you use macros that combine actions into 1 hotkey with multiple modifier keys such as shift ctrl and even alt.

Here is my example:

/use [nomod] Dread Raven ; [mod:alt]Travel Form ; [mod:ctrl] Aquatic Form ; [mod:shift] Swift Flight Form(Shapeshift)
First get a click-to-cast mod like VuhDo and use it for healing/beneficial spells. Save the number keys for offensive spells.

Second, using a second bar, bind Q, `(tilde), E, R, T, F, and G to it. Use this for spells you cast in any form, like Wild Charge, Faerie Fire, racials, etc. I put Prowl on Q when Feral because it initiates cat form automatically. The default bind for these keys are pretty silly, IMO. For instance, why waste R on reply when "/r" works just as well?

Third, make a mount/speed macro. I make one for every character and always bind it to R (for Ride). The druid one is by far the most complex:
/cancelaura Treant Form
/cancelform [flying]
/cast [swimming,mod]Azure Water Strider;[swimming]Aquatic Form;[mod:alt]Treant Form;[form:3,mod]Dash;[mod:shift][combat][indoors]Cat Form;[noflyable][mod]Armored Brown Bear;Swift Flight Form

That's my Tauren Resto's macro. It's very intelligent and after a short time very easy to use.

Personally, I find that even though druids have LOTS of spells because of all the forms, if you're clever about which to put on Bar 1, you should only have 6-8 spells on that bar that you use regularly.
Any other tips out there? I really just want someone to make me a cookie cutter action bar set up. Thank you for the comments so far. I'm really grateful for your help! :)
Use the add-ons 'bartender' or 'domino's' lay your keyboard layout on the screen so you can see the buttons and see the cool downs at the same time. You can set the buttons to rotate based on your form. SO much easier.

Currently feral, showing Cat, Bear, Caster form bars.
That is exactly what I'm looking for, Hug. Thanks a bunch!
Any one else, feel free to post your action bars similar to what Hugswithpaws did.
What macros do you guys suggest that would save an enormous amount of space on my actionbar?
By the way, please be sure to post a snapshot of your feral in prowl too!
I made macros for my burst, Tigers fury, berserk, incarnation(for pvp) all in 1 macro. Otherwise I don't really have many other macros other than what I use for pvp purposes.
I highly advise learning macros.

My warrior tank would be impossible to play without them... My druid.. isn't as complicated but I don't have a single key binding that isn't a macro of some sort.
06/24/2014 05:32 PMPosted by Jangekael
If any one else wants to, please post a picture or make a list of all the spells on your action bar. I want to copy from someone.

I should also note, I don't use bar swapping (bars don't change when I shift forms), so a lot of stuff is macro-ed.

As far as keybinds go, I am not sure they would too applicable ot other players, since I have a weird style (according to my friends), but I can add them when I''m back home (for all 50 of those binds).
Hello! I play feral druid with no gaming mouse on my laptop with no addons. I don't know how else to help out so here is my setup:

WERD for sideways left, forward, sideways right, back

Main Action Bar(cat): thrash, prowl/rake macro, ravage/mangle macro, tiger's fury, rip, ferocious bite
/cast [stealth] ravage; [mod:shift] ravage; mangle
/cast [stealth] pounce; [mod:shift] pounce; rake
the mod:shifts are for when Incarnation is active.

Bottom-Left Action Bar(F1, F2, F3, F4, F5): prowl, faerie fire, wild charge, stun, savage roar
you can mod:shift cyclone in any of these depending on how comfortable it is for you.

Bottom-Right Action Bar:
Q: barkskin/cenarion ward macro
/cast Barkskin
/cast Cenarion Ward

A: rejuvenation/cat form macro
/castsequence reset=14 rejuvenation, cat form
S: survival instincts
Z: travel macro with mod:shift dash
/cast [swimming] Aquatic Form; [mod:shift] dash; [flyable] Flight Form; Travel Form;
F: Incarnation+Berserk+Tiger's Fury burst macro
/cast Incarnation: King of the Jungle
/cast Berserk
/cast Tiger's Fury

T: cat form + mod:shift bear form macro
/cast [mod:shift] bear form; cat form
G: skull bash+mod:shift healing touch macro
/cast [mod:shift] healing touch; skull bash
Y: mount

I can imagine this being easier with a gaming mouse. You just have to get used to it and/or tweak it to your preference. Good luck!
Thank you all for taking the time to help me! Every comment in the thread has been more than generous with getting me back into playing my feral druid. If it is possible, I would just like to know as many action bar space saving macros you can think of that would efficient and effective that are tuned to my character.
if i were you i'd use stance paging on your bars (it's that way with the default ui)

mainly, things like
mangle, shred, rake, rip, tiger's fury, savage roar, ferocious bite-
should go on your cat bar.

mangle, maul, lacerate, growl
should go on your bear bar - but you can throw in swipe & thrash as well.

typically if you have abilities usable in both forms (faerie fire, swipe, thrash) you'll want to have them bound separately from the main action bars that way it's the same binding no matter what form you're in

for caster bar, i put a lot of junk on it like professions/trade skill stuff; but having prowl, moonfire and even wrath on there is good.

i keep healing touch and rejuv bound separately, as well as dash, stampeding roar, might of ursoc, cyclone, survival instincts, barkskin, and entangling roots
Just wait until WoD. No point in setting up a million bars when you're only going to have 3 buttons in the next expac.

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