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I seem to always be energy starved. Any advice? This is for pvp not pve. I get my bleeds up to start then a shredd or mangle depending on position but still seem to be energy starved. Help pls.
Feral is a slower paced spec than the other users of energy (WW monk, Rogues) so you don't want to be spamming your abilities.

Since you said this is for PvP (which is my area of expertise) here is the advice I can give you:

With your gearing, gem straight agility unless the socket gives agility as a socket bonus. In that case, gem Agi/Mast for yellow sockets and Agi/Hit for blue sockets. More agility means more crit means more combo points, which means you don't have to spend quite so much energy getting your SR/Bleeds up.

You're not using the Glyph of Cat Form. It is mandatory and should never leave your glyphs. Also don't use the Glyph of Shred, as you should be behind your targets anyway so they can't dodge or parry your attacks. The glyph of prowl should be switched out either for the glyph of might of ursoc (if you're going up against heavy burst damage comps) or the glyph of barkskin, which should be your default choice.

Once you get your bleeds up, you should be pooling ~60 energy unless you're going for a kill.

Save the free ravage you get from your 4pc until you have Tiger's Fury up.

Don't use Shred unless you get OOC procs or Berserk is up (as you're not using Incarnation), as the lower energy cost of mangle gives you smoother combo point generation.

That's really all I can think of tbh, but if you really don't want to feel energy starved take Soul of the Forest as your level 60 talent. If you get 100% uptime it gives you the most damage, however, usually in PvP you don't have the amount of uptime you'd need anyway.
It's the feral playstyle. Kitties play with their food. We don't kill them all at once.

Get your bleeds up, then do something else till your energy pools again. Depending on the situation you might kite your opponent, annoy them with stuns, hibernate their pet, heal up, or go bear. You have lots of other things you can be doing besides spamming mangle.

If you'd like more energy there are a couple things you can do.

1. Take Soul of the Forest. The tooltip makes it sound lackluster but actually it makes a dramatic difference.

2. Gem and reforge for crit instead of mastery. This gives you more combo points per energy, and grants more finishing moves which also give you more energy thru SotF. A nice bonus is you get more instant casts too.

3. If you really want to bring the pain, use Berzerk which halves your energy use.

I guess SotF isn't really for competitive feral play, but I find it great in random BGs where you have lots of opponents and don't need the extra control/burst that FoN/Incarnation give you.
Fight more locks, you'll get feared, and gain more energy than you can use. :p
06/30/2014 04:41 PMPosted by Whodaat
Fight more locks, you'll get feared, and gain more energy than you can use. :p

Well..... you're not wrong....
bleed kiting is the name of the game.
Burst / run / burst / run / burst / run
You regen energy while running, avoid damage, restealth, force their cds (mage blinks after you, turn right back around and bash them)
If it's a class you can't effectively run away from / los (usually other melee when you cant get roots off), just go bear (perhaps throw yourself a rejuv first) and pop NG, if still no roots put more bleeds on them, and spend rage on FR. If you can eat their burst in bear and switch back to cat with full energy / TF off cd / free ravage up, it's all over for them.

Personally I find Incarnation helps a lot. Berserk is still your best cd, but Incarnation is good to bait people. They see armor kitty and think it's time to CC you... putting it all on dr for when you pop berserk. It also works decently as a ghetto vanish.

For random BGs, I disagree with advice to take off prowl glyph. It's pretty much mandatory to get around the map imo. I don't play rated on my cat so I can't speak from that perspective.
One of my favorite tricks is to get full bleeds on a warrior. That'll get him down to second wind. If he happens to pop a spell reflect, I cast cyclone. I sit in cyclone for 7 seconds while my bleeds tick on him and my energy pools. And he can't touch me.

When I come out I'm close to full energy and he's at second wind. :D
07/01/2014 03:59 AMPosted by Musashibo
For random BGs, I disagree with advice to take off prowl glyph. It's pretty much mandatory to get around the map imo. I don't play rated on my cat so I can't speak from that perspective.

Your mount is for getting around the map. Once you actually find yourself in combat the prowl glyph doesn't do much for you.
with 100 energy you can and should always get fullbleeds up with your opener, after you apply that. it's almost a must that you go cc the healer, go for a hard cast cyclone. get them to waste interrupts on you so your healer can cast for you. if not they hey you just ccd their heals and they either need to trinket or blow cds when they get out of it to keep them alive. the main point being you want them to use all of their cds before your team needs to. you should never have problems with energy as long as you are going to cc right after you apply bleeds to your kill target.

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