Google your character's name.

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I am named after a poisonous plant, so that is what came up.
A store that sells "select" shoes and handbags...

It's cool though because they're handbags, and not purses.

Yeah I clicked on the link, and No i cannot tell the difference...
The first result for me (my main that is) comes up to my character profile on The Secret
My armory page.
The first ones that come up, for all of mine, are pretty much spot on as to why I named them that name.

Dufresne... Well, this one it is the second result. The first one is a ministry.
Freestyler... Not so much. This one is in reference to the group, the Freestylers.
Minking K. Chyu - Swanson School of Engineering
Apparently I'm a Japanese gaming company...
The horrible PVP stats of my Emerald Dream lock with the same name as mine....
Google's dictionary pops up as the first thing where it just tells you what the word means.
No link to click,

plural noun: baddies
a villain or criminal in a story, movie, etc.
My link to the community on Wow.

2nd is my Openraid account

3rd is a random website called Kaloir and Website Survey...O.o

4th is Omar Kaloir facebook...o-o

I listed them all because the 5th is a youtube video with my char's name. >.> Imma watch it.'s a 4min video of this girl doing selfies to admittedly cool music. Um..
something about fishing for mine
Coin vending laundry service

Well huh. Go Wisconsin?
I got a website for some city somewhere, next was the Wikipedia for the same city.
Unsurprisingly, a lot of pony related things. Not that I have a problem with that, of course.
My character comes up on different sites
Did you mean... impishly?

No, I pugging did not, thanks so much...

First entry is my armoury link.
Second entry is my super controversial thread from last Sunday:

edit oooooh. Topic unavailable. It finally did get nuked.
My all but inactive profile on Everquest Next, oddly enough. And it actually is my profile for Everquest Next but not much would have surprised me since I've used this name since 2002. The first 4 links that "I" see go to places I recognize with my name on it. What "you" see might be different due to localization. So keep that in mind (localization) when you see links and search results in google.

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