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Moon Guard

Long has Gilneas seen darkness. Long has the Light's Dawn Cathedral stood in defiance as the kingdom was wrecked by the cataclysm and the forsaken. The Bishop now stands with it's citizens waving the banner of the Light to defend and enrich it's great nation. The Light has not forsaken the Gilnean people. We we strive to bring the Light to its culture. Come and join me as we make this dream a reality.

-The Eminent Melchiz Tzedeck
Lord Vicar of the Church of Light
Bishop of Gilneas


The Prelacy of Light’s Dawn is a new role playing guild on Alliance Moon Guard US. The guild role plays a chapter of clerics attached to the Light’s Dawn Cathedral in Gilneas City and its apostate ministries in union with the Church of the Holy Light and the Council of Bishops.

We present a living, breathing manifestation of the Church of the Holy Light which players have the option of interacting with. We have played the members of the original church seen in the Warcraft games, the RPG books, and in World of Warcraft and we hope to continue to breathe life into and magnify this lore for our own enjoyment and those who choose to role-play with us.

The Church in Gilneas strives to rebuild and to defend. All are encouraged to join and all can find a place.

Our primary directive in all engagements is to preserve a high quality of immersion and cohesion among the lore-abiding role play community while striving to leaving no community member who tries his/her best without role play.

Contact Melchiz in game or by in game mail for questions.
Apply at our website


We accept all classes however are strict about the piety of your character


The Bishop has founded a small settlement of Dawn's Refuge where the Abbey and Barracks will be built.
The Light's Dawn Cathedral will be home base concerning anything else.
Different Paths you can take when you join.

Cleric: Clerics in the Prelacy focus on wielding holy magic offensively. The Bishop is a well trained Battle Cleric and is always looking to train new apprentices.

Knight: The Knighthood will follow the traditional values of those in service to protect and cut down the wicked. They would lead crusades and secure the safety of the people.

Highland Rangers: Scouts and Warriors who patrol the lands of Gilneas to make sure evil is at bay.

City Watch/Temple Guard: Those tasked with securing/rebuilding of the City. Although all can help with this, these members focus on it.

Scholor: Those who come for enlightenment and merely want to grow in knowledge and grace. These would be teachers and leaders of the Cathedral. Leading services of all types, and tasked with maintaining the Abbey of St Seryl.
Melchiz is the best! All hail the Wolf Bishop!
Wooo! For Gilneas!
Growth in our first hours!
*Wonders if a non-Gilnean human might be accepted into the Prelacy...*
Yes! Anyone who wants to join may apply! Your character should have a desire to help Gilneas out I would hope though!
The Prelacy grows!!
08/02/2014 06:58 PMPosted by Melchiz
The Prelacy grows!!

I read that as growls at first, Melchiz! Though I suppose in some cases that may apply too! Regardless, happy to be part of this!
Glad you're here Zoey! And thanks for the bump Brambles!
'dumps plague containers in the headlands' Don't mind me /whistle
A Blessing of Kings upon the Wolven Papacy from Gilneas' eternal friends in the mountains.
Always supporting this guy, glad to see this around. Also really late welcome back after everything, Melchiz. Hope to interact more with you guys soon.
Thanks Berenal! Gilnean Guilds are te best!
Good Morning Moonguard! Recruitment is slow but steady!
Cool stuff.

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