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I want to change the sequence of my pets doing battle. My 3rd pet is still lv 1 because he's not getting any action. Also, if I want to replace one of my 3 pets, how do I do it?

Also, what are pet supplies for? Is there a way to heal pets without waiting for the pet ressurection spell to cooldown?
I'd love to answer that for you.

To change the sequence simply push shift+p and bring up your pet window you can drag your battle pet team in any order you wish. The top spot is the pet that will fight first.

You can heal without waiting simply visita stable master in most towns and heal your pet

To swap pets in and out it is done on your pet screen too
thanks I'll try that out
Once you get at least one pet to 25, what I do to rapidly train pets is put the pet you want to train in the first slot, have him attack once and hopefully live through the other pet's attack, then swap him out.

They made the experience system so that level 25 pets aren't counted in determining how much experience a pet should get. So if a level 1 swaps out like that and his 2 level 25 friends kill a team of 3 level 23s, it's counted as that level 1 doing so all by himself. Which really makes XP shoot up.
what are some good pets that do good in pet battle? Right now my team is Anacoa chicken, Speedy and a mechanopeep
07/27/2014 05:08 PMPosted by Koopsta
what are some good pets that do good in pet battle? Right now my team is Anacoa chicken, Speedy and a mechanopeep

My rule of thumb is this:

Have 3 different types, and hopefully have each one able to do more than one type of attack to take advantage of the opponent's type weakness.

Only bother raising and battling blue quality pets. From memory, all three of those are green. (But can be raised with a battle stone, which you'll get later.)
Also check things on this site.
Are the epic pets the best ones?
07/27/2014 07:04 PMPosted by Koopsta
Are the epic pets the best ones?

The best pets are Rare (blue) in quality.

IIRC there are a few pets considered epic (DMF rabbit) but I don't think they have any advantage over the Rare breeds.
It's also helpful to type the zone in which you are battling into the search bar of the battle pet list. This will display the types of pets you will encounter in that zone. You can then shuffle your pet team accordingly.

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