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Recently, I tanked the silver challenge modes on my alliance DK. Now, I'm looking into setting up a Horde group, mostly to help my girlfriend and a couple of other friends get their mounts as well. Naturally, there's less need to optimize for silvers, but at the same time, I think I'm better at tanking on my DK than on my paladin and I want to have things set up as best I can. Basically my question comes down to Eternal Flame versus Sacred Shield.

Obviously, EF has been my preferred talent in general content since getting my 4-set, but when set bonuses don't work in CMs, it's hard to know if--and when--it's worth the tradeoff of losing a SotR. While that isn't a big deal during holy avenger, I feel like it's a fairly big mitigation loss outside of that. To some extent, it's something I know I should test myself and get a feel for, but does anyone who's tanked cms as a paladin since 5.4 have any feelings on which talent is better in the cm environment?

Also, just on a side note, are there any fun tricks exclusive to paladins? I know I really enjoyed the first boss of Scarlet Monastery on my DK... XD;

Sacred Shield is not more powerful, 4pc or no 4pc. It's just easier to maintain.
Between SS and EF, I've used both. Depending on which healer I had. My resto druid had no problem keeping the group up. So I went with SS. I liked how it required no maintaining beyond the initial cast, which was just before the mob pack.

When I pushed through with a disc priest I went with EF. Not for any specific reason other than I already had that spec'd.

In regards to Pally tricks;

Glyph holy wrath to stun if needed. This can be a huge help.
Glyph blinding light as well. Works wonders.

Unfortunately we can't charm an uber pet or anything. But your hand spells are very useful. A lot of time you will be gathering mobs, so a quick salvation or BoP on the healer will work wonders.
Belatedly, thank you both for your advise there. I'll have to play with the two of them. I figured it wasn't really a question of which one was more powerful in itself, but rather a matter of opportunity cost and whether it's worth the lost SotR to put up EF and such.

As far as the tricks, thanks a lot for the reminder of blinding light glyph. That will most definitely come in handy... I'll give a little thought to Clemency too, since I can definitely see hands coming in, well, handy. XD;

One more quick question. I'm not worried about it beyond a point, but which trinkets do you reccomend? I'd rather not mess with my hit/exp caps to use Fabled Feather or Brutal Talisman, but I'm open to getting anything else--I know I don't actually need to min/max that much for silvers, but I don't have that much to do, so I wouldn't mind trying to get good trinkets, and I expect I will have to carry to some extent.
Thok's Tail Tip, Spark of Zandalar or Lei Shen's Final Orders.

Could go Lao shin's liquid Courage for an extra cooldown and some stam if you go splat too often.

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