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I believe my DPS is low for my iLevel. I'm linking a few logs below and I'm fairly certain I've identified some major issues, although this is my first time really digging into World of Logs. What I'm asking for really, is "Have I identified the largest issues, and if not what am I missing"?

1) My inquisition uptime is only 75-80%. Not acceptable and will improve. I've got a nice weakauras string and have rebound some keys to give me easier access to some abilities. We'll see.
2) Execution Sentence usage is about 50% of what it should be from what I can see.

1) I know the Templar's Verdict glyph is preferred (although it won't help with the DPS problem, it will make me a better teammate).

1) Need 4-piece. I've got 3/4 (normal legs are in my bags), if I understand correctly, even an LFR tier piece would be an upgrade (although I've got the Ordos pieces for the other slots) - any particular tier that I should concentrate on?
2) A smidge under the expertise cap. I'll change the settings on AMR to force the cap.

Thanks for your help. The link above was my second ever "normal" raid, so I understand improvement will come with experience, but I'd like to speed up the process. If folks are nice enough to drag me along (and not complain), least I can do is do the best I can to avoid the bottom of the charts.
Alright, I'll take the first stab.

Looking at your logs, your inq time is better for most of the encounters than you give it credit for - between 80-90% on some of the longer fights - but this still is subpar. Shoot for 95%+, the only time it should not be up is the opening 3 attacks to get the 3hp required to cast it.

It look like you are prioritizing the hp generators incorrectly. The priority should be CS>J>Exo. The only variance is when aoe, use HotR over CS. However, when I look at your power gains, J seems to be the most used ability in every fight.

You seem to be doing a generally good job of using cd's, (I'll chalk up some of the missed AW usage to saving them for the right time in the fight since the fights I looked at you were only missing 1). During AW, your rotation should be HoW->CS->HoW->TV since you are using SW. Repeat that as many times as possible.

One major thing I see throughout is not enough HoW usage. HoW is your strongest attack. If you are using SW, you should be getting more HoW casts than you are. Example, on the paragons kill, you had 150s of AW uptime. At 40.82% haste, that is 140 gcds. Half of those should be HoW casts. You had 42 casts during the fight, when you should've had 70+ (execute range). On try 6 on Garrosh, you had 120s of AW which is 112 gcds. You should've had 56 HoW's, you had 14. That is a massive dps loss.

Yes, you need to cast ES more often. General rule of thumb is off cd up to 7s off cd. Meaning if delaying up to 7s will allow you to cast ES with either AW, GoAK, or a trinket proc running, wait. Any wait longer than 7s will be a dps loss.

That's my major critiques on your rotation. Make sure you are following the proper rotation. For SW it is Inq > FreeDS(5HP) > TV(5HP) > HoW > FreeDS(AW) > TV(AW) > CS > Judge > FreeDS > Exo > TV(3/4). If you need help for a while, get clcret. With clcret you can also create cd trackers for AW, GoAK, t90 talent and Inq.

Gear: Yes, getting an lfr piece will be worth using to make the 4p. As far as which pieces are best? That's not such a simple question. Personally, when I was at your gear level, I liked using protector shoulders as my off-piece (rossi's, which you have is just as good) to get to the 40% haste mark more easily (the other 4 tier pieces have haste).

Next on gear, is to get yourself a version of thok's tail tip trinket to replace skeer's. An lfr version of TTT will beat all version of skeer's except heroic warforged.

If you are starting to do normals, use your bonus rolls on bosses that drop weapons (sha, general, thok, garrosh). This is because your weapon is the largest factor (gear wise) in a dps bump. Joining 25m groups is a good idea, because you have a better chance at wf gear in 25m groups.

Glyphs: we sadly have very few glyphs that help dps. In aoe fight, exo glyph and judge glyph off a boost. In ST, there isn't a real option. So, in a ST fight I use TV (damage reduction), Sac (utility), and DS (health regen with the 4p bonus).

tldr: Just work on tightening up your rotation (moar hammer of wrath!) and using cd's more tightly. Don't forget to use pots, flasks, and +300 str food. If you are going to start raiding normals, you should really try to be using these things (pots help more than you think). On gear focus on getting any version of TTT, and since you are doing normals, a normal weapon. Don't forget, use Hammer of Wrath whenever you can!
Thanks Maegoree.

I had clcret, but it wasn't configured to show inquisition or any of the other good stuff. I had it in a somewhat out of the way place and just glanced at it when I didn't know what to hit. The weakauras string I found (googled weakauras ret rotation 5.4 or something similar) has inquisition, cooldowns, and a rotation reminder (including HoW)- so I'm hoping it will help once I get used to it.

I'll move HoW to a more accessible spot on my bars as well. Maybe see if I can configure my keyboard to deliver an electric shock when it's available and not on cooldown :P

For some reason Mr Robot liked Normal Skeer's over the LFR Thok's trinket (it was about a 2,000 point upgrade from one to the other iirc). I'll sub Thok back in.

Thanks again!
You're welcome.

AMR isn't a very good judge of trinket strength. Although I will admit that I am going off a chart from last October where a person did sims when I say lfr TTT > Skeer's. Saying that, the best way to determine which is better would be to sim it. To do that, go to click on the downloads button and get the version that fits your operating system.

When in simc, if you just want to compare the strength of the two trinkets, you can run 10,000 iterations on each. If you want to know you stat weights, you can also do that, however, I would suggest using 25,000 iterations for stat weights, since more iterations will tighten up the variance.

This is what people put in AMR under stat weights. AMR is an exceptional tool to use to get to 7.5% hit/exp without wasting too many stats when going over, however, I personally find their recommendations for gear use to be very average in value. If you constantly update your stat weights then you will get more mileage from their recommendations though.

One other thing: whatever you are using to keep up with rotation/cd's/inq make sure it is easily visible. If you go back to using clcret, make sure you update the string within the addon.
Figured I'd write a little update. I'm up to 240k dps on LFR Garrosh, which ain't half bad, considering. I forgot to combat log it, but recount shows 66 uses of HoW on what was undoubtedly a shorter fight than the normal mode ones and ES usage was up as well. Is there a way to get recount to show buff uptime? I couldn't see anything in there. Not perfect, but improvement.

I've played around a bit with simming, but haven't really done much more than dip my toes in to figure out how to work it. I'll look at Normal Skeer's vs. LFR Thoks as soon as I can figure out how to get it to switch one gearset for another.

The weakauras setup I used (thank you Jesse Miller) is here ( and I found it a bit more useful than CLC ret, which I had a harder time getting the aura buttons moved around to where they made sense for me. Now to figure out how to tell it to only load when I'm in ret. I don't need all of that for prot (some would be helpful, but most is superfluous).

Thanks again Maegoree!
08/08/2014 04:24 PMPosted by Zephilyn
I'll look at Normal Skeer's vs. LFR Thoks as soon as I can figure out how to get it to switch one gearset for another.

LFR Thoks is better.
To sim different gear builds, just make the changes in AMR, and export to simc.

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