Fusion Fire Core

08/06/2014 03:25 PMPosted by Cayse
08/06/2014 03:14 PMPosted by Woa
Keep it if you are at all worried that the changes that will come in 6.0 prepatch could weaken the CDR or AMP trinkets.

They actually are going to get worse when the WoD pre-patch comes. Not Thok's, it's fine, it's still good for almost 3% haste and over 3% mastery off my gear, but a 569 EEoG is a 2% tooltip, and AW's CD is 2 minutes with it on. (and Avatar is still 3 minutes with it off or on as well) It's flat out broken.

That still won't make FFC good, you're still better off with ToT trinkets. All it means is that you'll want to get, upgrade (because once the patch hits, you won't be able to upgrade gear), and save a Skeer's. If EEoG doesn't get fixed, anyway.

Wont Skeers be bad too tho since you can no longer snapshot ?

Not putting a ton of thought into this but i thought that was part of the power of Skeers was to snapshot at a high crit level.
Snapshotting only applies to ES, and that's about 3% of our damage, so not being able to snapshot would barely make a dent
Quadruple-upgrade it.
08/07/2014 03:47 PMPosted by Kaehlen
Quadruple-upgrade it.

Then vendor it. That'll show that Valor not to mess around!

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