Grats Massacre Garrosh Down

Grats to you all
Congrats guys and gals.
Congrats and welcome to the 14/14 club!!
Gratz guys!
Grats Massacre! Is that every Horde 25 man guild that was at least 11/14?

*edit* don't care about you alliance scum :D
Thank you all. We appreciate the gratifications.

It has been a LONG and hard push for this tier, but it's finally done.
Sadly..... Time to re-do it all over again lol.
Took us long enough. At least we're lucky enough to have killed him before this bizarro reset.

And speak for yourself wrath doing it again is the best part. The next two weeks while we're on break are going to be booooooooooooring.
Grats Massacre, Glad to see you guys and gals in the 14/14H club, best of luck in WOD
Gratz broz and h...I'll just stick to Gratz!
Gratz guys/gals
Congratulations friends!
Thanks y'all! All I can say for Massacre in the past year of progression is "what a long, strange trip it has been" but hard work paid off in the end. :D

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