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Hello there,

So I've been trying normals on my 540 ret paladin but my dps really lacks (On dummy umbuffed I do about 170k on bust and then go down to 115-130k) and I can't get why (is it trinket wise) so would be super awsome if someone could help me here is my armory link

Thank you :)
If you have logs they would be very beneficial. Gear wise, you need to focus on getting the 4p. It is pretty big. Even if you had to replace your head piece with an lfr tier head, it would be an upgrade. Next, if you are looking to spend valor points on upgrades, start with your weapon. You have 3 upgrades left for it. Last, you asked about trinkets, yes, getting a version of thok's tail tip and evil of galakras (even lfr) would be better than you have now. How big of an increase it would be, I cannot say.

Oh, and do the legendary chain. The meta gem and cloak are worth it.

Edit: The above is just gear suggestions. Posting your logs would allow us to critique your rotation, cd usage, inq uptime, etc. This where most players lose dps, not their gear.
You're over the hit cap. Missing Living Steel Belt Buckle, 4 enchants, and glyphs.
08/07/2014 01:37 PMPosted by Grandmère
my dps really lacks (On dummy umbuffed

Your damage is low because you're hitting a dummy.

It's not possible for any spec to do decent dps unbuffed on a target dummy.

This is the difference between your toon in a raid played properly and your toon with no buffs on a dummy;

Properly gemming, enchanting and reforging won't make unbuffed attacking of a target dummy a valid check for dps.

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