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here's the dealio, i have been playing wow for many years now, starting out RET, then switching to PROT for Lich king PvE, and playing it all the way to SoO patch, then promptly switched back to RET for pvp focus. Now i haven't really had the chance to go for rating as of yet, especially in RBG's where even OQ yolo wont accept me. Now In that regard i can play the hell out of RET, but just cannot find people to let me tag along over say, a DK, which i happen to have one as my alt but do not enjoy it nearly as much as my pally, and i have yet to settle on a guild. which i now would help my RBG acceptance. Anyways i am not here complaining about RET and their lack of utility, i am here to ask for some opinions and tips on how to break into the holy spec and start being useful in all stages of PVP, and i know there are vids and such out there, but for now i want hear right from the source. i have already put together my prideful holy set and have it ready to go aside from 1 ring and trinket. My biggest focus off the break will be 3v3 arena and RBG matches. Are holy paladins fun to play in PVP? will it be difficult to pick up and hit the ground running? any opinions or tips on this foreign spec will be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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It's super effective!

In world pvp we can do hilarious things.
In 2v2 we're okay, but 2v2 doesn't matter to anyone that is anyone so... yeah
In 3v3 we're pretty much bottom of the barrel. The only way to rank is to get babysat
In 5v5 we're not great either...
In RBGs we're one of, if not the best healers. Utility godmode.

Because WoD is so near a lot of this is subject to change. Right now Holy is not looking amazing because of our utter lack of mobility and easy-to-stop healing.

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