I have been trying to finish this damn transmog set for weeks, and it's finally done. Whatcha think?
I appreciate your effort in trying to mix/match because I'm a fan of self-made transmogs... But I'm sadly not really a favorite of yours. = (
Check the red-colored current pvp gloves (idk if they're honor or conquest for Alliance), their highlights are red, which might go better with the rest of the look.
The Judgement mask is too bright compared to the rest of the set, it looks kind of silly. The rest of it looks cool though.
You cant account for taste.

Some people have the stupidest tmogs and they get their rears lathered on these forums. Others have original or interesting tmogs and everyone seems to agree that they aren't good. I don't get it.

I like yours, I think the pieces fit well together. Would look awesome on a blood elf since they are more red and blood knighty. But no one ever likes mine.
looks like judgment 2.0: the gritty reboot

note: this is a good thing

pretty badass look there. I like it :)
Looks awesome to me.

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