Movement Speed in WoD

Hey guys, question for the Beta players:

I'm a little confused with the implications for the movement speed math changes. What does this mean for us? From my understanding, the 20% speed bonus from Empowered Seal of Justice will not stack with Speed of Light or Long Arm of the Law.

However, I believe Pursuit of Justice is considered a passive, so would this = a 50% movement speed bonus at 3 or more Holy Power when combined with Empowered Seal of Justice?
I'm curious as well.. that's extremely sick if so, if there's one thing the Paladin class doesn't lack in, it's the fun factor lol.
Currently (which is always subject to change) they stack, giving you 150% movement with both Empowered Justice and Pursuit of Justice at 3 Holy Power. In fact, it stacks with Speed of Light (190% speed with both) and Long Arm of the Law (175% speed with both) as well.

Considering my Rogue can move faster than an epic mount while in stealth and using Burst of Speed indefinitely...
Thank you for the information Airc.

I'm really looking forward to having some option to move quickly whether it's for chasing someone down in PvP or clearing old content.

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