Divine Storm animation

So now that we have our new proc can DS's animation please be returned back to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o0r0_5_p6A.

I know it's minor and insignificant but this spell has been a very iconic part of ret's toolkit and it'd be nice to have it look awesome once more.
At the very least make it a minor glyph.
I would like to see more complex animations like this make a return if Blizzard is indeed implementing techniques that prioritizes spell effects/dampens the spell effects not actively triggered by a player during large group content.
is there a video with someone who doesnt have 10fps thus making the spell effect look cooler lol
I definitely prefer that visual effect to what we have now. But I also prefer the single hand (non-ret) animation for Crusader Strike over the standard two hander animation. I don't mind the 2-hander, but it's used with other spells so it gets a little tiring seeing it all the time.
Ehh, while I wouldn't be opposed to a glyph, I honestly prefer the current effect to that one. It just looks... overdone, and overly busy to me. I prefer the quick burst of gold that only really looks impressive if you manage to hit a lot of things with it. Personal preference, though, I suppose.

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