Bugged Talador quest and now I can't log

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I recently picked up the quest in Talador where I'm supposed to get the decommissioned shredder and return it. After hoping in it, the quest giver bugged out and was no where to be found. So, I tried to exit the shredder and all of my action bars appeared, but I was still in the shredder, and couldn't use any of my spells. I logged out and restarted thinking this would help, but now when I log back in, the loading screen gets stuck at 3/4 of the way loaded. Any input would be much appreciated.
You have seen all the threads about servers shutting down right?
Might be better to post on the Beta forums. But it's likely due to the issues on Live.
The servers aren't down, I can log on to my other characters.
Regadless, customer support is for the live realms only. Beta issues go to the beta forums.
Don't be jelly.

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