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Seeing as how we have millions of players in WoW, I'm fairly positive that like 99.999% of you have no clue who I am. And that's ok, because I don't want to talk about myself.

I wanted to take a little bit of time to thank Blizzard. My wife and I both play WoW, she more so than I do. We've enjoyed this game together since TBC started, and it's been our main hobby and form of entertainment as she has gotten through nursing school. She and I even decided to run our own guild and raid team since Firelands, and we've been really enjoying that aspect of the game together ever since that decision was made. Her toon name is Cillie.

We've had the worst thing in our lives happen just a few weeks ago. Just after graduating school, she was diagnosed with Cholangiacarcinoma, a rare-ish form of cancer, especially for someone in their thirties and in good health to get. It is aggressive, and the initial prognosis from our first doctor was that she would have up to a year to live. Naturally, we weren't satisfied with that result. We're looking into multiple second opinions all over the country.

But she and I have had WoW as the one thing that we share and love together. We raid together (we're just 11/14 heroic, but we're working on the rest of them as hard as we can!), we run the guild together (she does like 99.99% of the work). She has loved meeting everyone she has come across in game, and she's so outgoing and nice, and she's what has kept so many people still playing in our little guild. We've got 3 (maybe a 4th) raid teams, from super casual to our casual heroic team, but really we have a LOT of really great, really nice, really awesome people that can all log on, hop into mumble, guild chat, do stuff, play games together, and it's mainly because she has had this great vision of what a fun guild can be.

We even managed to secure Blizzcon tickets for this year. We danced like 8 year old kids when I was able to hit refresh and enter my credit card info and lock down two tickets. We'd never gone before, just got the virtual tickets, and we were so pumped. Of course now treatments and doctors take precedence over that, but we're still going to try to go.

I wanted to thank Blizzard for their creations. These games, WoW, Starcraft, D3, Hearthstone, HotS (I'm in the alpha, it's amazing!), mainly just WoW but she and I have played them all together from time to time, we love them. You have created these wonderful, fantastic, tantalizing games for us to enjoy together, for us to share our time doing things we really enjoy together. Our relationship has been so strong, so amazing, and a part of that belongs to you guys and gals at Blizzard.

Besides these great games, you've created ways for us to connect to so many people all over the world. We've had people from every part of the planet in our WoW guild at one point or another. We've had people in Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, and even Japan as guildies, and all of that was to play this game we all love and enjoy.

Some of our guildies are throwing a benefit/fundraiser on August 30th. I'm not asking for people to come donate, but if anyone would like to come hang out with us on Eldre'thalas, we'd love to have anyone show up. We're going to be doing flex runs, a level 1 race through Azeroth, and all sorts of silliness like that. You can contact Raidwiper, our host for this event if you need more information.

I can't thank you all enough for giving us so much fun for so long. I'm hoping and praying that she and I will get to enjoy many more years of everything Blizzard. She and I both love WoW immensely, and we're hoping to see each and every expansion together. Please keep up the great work making these fun, enjoyable games for us. We love them, and we love all of you!
Sorry to hear that, dude. I'm glad you two have found something you can share your love for. I won't be in the country on that day, so I can't participate (though I would). Hope it's fun!
Man did it get dusty in here. My eyes are watering up.
My condolences friend, I hope she recovers and if not I hope the time you have left together is magical.
Bump. :3

I'm sorry to hear this, and I wish you both the best, in Azeroth and out.
A year ... words fail me. I'm sorry.

Go. Do everything the two of you ever wanted to do. Don't worry about the future right now. It can wait for a bit. Do things that may be risky if you wanted to do them before. After all, if it is truly that bad, then wouldn't you rather she go down with a smile rather than slowly wasting away?

Focus on the Now and how you can make her last memories with as many smiles as possible.
Glad to see there are high spirits. Wish I could do more than my best wishes. I hope the best for you and your wife, and have fun at Blizzcon.
Can't say that I "know how you feel" or anything like that; I've never had a longterm relationship. My folks have pretty much given up on ever being grandparents. I live a little bit like Charlie Sheen if he were middle class instead of super rich.

All that being said, It totally blows chunks to have something you enjoy taken from you through no fault of your own. Please tell your wife from me that she should spend every moment she has left doing everything she enjoys. I know what I'd do, but I'm pretty sure you've already got that covered.... ;)

As for you bro, for your own peace, let me quote Yoda.

" Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose."

Sorry to hear that. I hope you get a better second opinion. Great post, always fun to read "thank yous" and positive threads once in a while... We swim in mostly negative and fairly random/useless crap on the forums on daily basis. This was a nice read.

Best of luck to you two and may whatever time you two have together, be as epic as it possibly can.
I'm seriously impressed by the kindness of strangers over the internet, when usually you see the worst of people, you guys and gals are some of the best. Thanks so much for all your kind words, it really does mean a lot even if we're all complete strangers. We're both trying to make the absolute most of every bit of life that we have now, and we're hoping we can beat this cancer and play every single WoW expansion yet to come together, gosh darnit!!
Words just seem so useless when dealing with cancer. That's a terrible hand to be dealt. Hope she recovers. Best wishes.
Hope your event has a fantastic turnout, and even more, I hope your wife surprises those MDs!
no offence but the title of this thread made is sound like a QQ thread of some kind (the title was cut off at "CEO") but after reading your story my jaw has dropped and has yet to come back up, this story is inspirational and its people like you that make me still log into the game. the kind of people who have such a positive outlook on life and yet not forget who you are in the stress of managing a raiding guild. while i cant attend your function i will pass the word on to my guildies, and i hope blizzard makes a monument to your wife and your amazing story

Wow, I'm very sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis. Best of luck to the both of you. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone here when I say that we're honored the two of you find WoW to be such a comfort in times like this.

As you said, treatments and diagnosis should come first, but if you do manage to make it out for BlizzCon, I hope I get the opportunity to meet you two!
I'm with Lore on this one. Your post evokes many mixed emotions, Saichotick. Thank you, sincerely, for taking the time to share your story here. I really hope for the best, including meeting you and Cillie at BlizzCon. :)

Best of luck with the event this weekend too! May it be the first of many small miracles to keep you both together and smiling for years to come. <3
Good luck to you, and don't give up hope. You never know when the odds will be in your favor -- I speak from experience. Mine wasn't cancer, but a stroke at 27. I had a 30% chance to live, and even slimmer to come out unscathed -- and I'm about 98% of what I was before the blood clot. So don't give up hope, it's the most powerful medicine there is.

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