Mw over resto Druid WoD?

Soo I'm thinking about making a healer for WoD in leaning towards a mw or resto Druid I'll be doing pvp and raids any thoughts??
MW monk is probably the better PVP choice. Druid is MOST CERTAINLY the better raid choice. Stronger healing, same buffs, better oh crap buttons, battle-rez... I could go on and on.d
Both are looking good, especially with nerfs to absorbs in a raid setting. For PvP, you may want to play both.
I don't think we know about either choice yet.

There are a lot of Mistweavers that are super negative about how MWs will be in Raiding because the design has changed significantly for WoD.and many people are unhappy about it. Adapt or die I like to say.

MWs have weaker spells than a Druid but they cost less than half of any other healing spec across the board (the most expensive rotation spell (surging mist) will only cost 4.7% of base mana, while a Druid's Rejuv will cost double that). Also MWs have an additional massive mana regen mechanic that no other healing class will have in WoD.

In short, I expect MWs to cast tons and tons of cheap and weak spells, while druids to cast less but more powerful spells.

Mistweavers will be a mix between Druids (HoTs) and Paladins (spaming Surging Mist which ) and their spells are going to be weaker but they are going to be casting more of them.

It all depends what type of playstyle you like.
So far I have not been 100% happy about MW in beta .. but that is mainly b/c of how drastic the change is and change in a class like that can always be frustrating. They do however get some pretty neat lvl 100 spells. Im still torn on if I will continue with monk ... SoO was painful enough as a MW monk .. and nothing is quite set in stone with WoD yet. =D
09/12/2014 12:49 AMPosted by Miaoshan
SoO was painful enough as a MW monk ..

It's been very overwhelming. I tried Heroic 25-man this week, not listening to friends' advice. The outcome was drastic, but I was undergeared and the other healers were 582+. We also have 3-4 Disc Priests (two who swap if needed), Holy Paladin, and Restoration Druid. Couple are casual and friends of the guild. I felt like a totem and that's it.

Anyhow, WoD changes to healing classes are looking better, especially with absorbs down. If I had to choose for you, I'd look into whatever floats your boat. Restoration looks good - has solid changes. MWer does as well. Play them on the PTR and see what you like.
I have been playing a bit of both in Beta and druid is very strong. MW is good and fistweaving is very viable now. I do think that it will be a stance dance class to play. I played MW monk as my main in 25 man heroic SoO so I feel your pain. If you put us in a 25 man raid with a disc or two and pally you pretty much are just there to look pretty at that point and revival to save the raid. Its really b/c of how our heal mechanics work right now and how RNG based it is. I do feel like monk will be decent in WoD but out of all the healing classes it indeed DID get the biggest overhaul. I tried healing 2 dungeons on my MW in Beta and couldnt get past the first boss. I then tried healing on a druid (which i have never done before) and breezed through the instances like it was nothing. The flow on healing MW is much different and its taking some time to get used to. There isnt as much rhythm to it anymore. Ill be interested in what others discover as well =D
I personally like MW.

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