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Hello Reesi!

went ahead and added your btag! looking forward to speaking with you more in depth if you are interested! thanks!

<Bear Retirement Home> a 14/14HM 10m Alliance guild on Sargeras-US, is recruiting for expansion into Mythic Raiding!

Current Recruitment Needs:

All Classes/Roles (excluding tanks and Druids)

We like to call ourselves a "semi-hardcore" raiding guild with a "casual" ambience. We have no problem joking around and poking fun at each other, but at the same time we're here to kill things and have fun doing it. We expect you to know how to play your class/spec in a heroic raiding environment.

Our Current raid times are:

Monday / Wednesday / Thursday: 8pm - 11pm CST (Sargeras Server Time)

We currently use a /random method for loot distribution in our 10man team, but for Mythic Raiding (20m) We will be transitioning to a "Loot Council" based Loot Distribution System.

What We Look For:

- 100% Raid Attendance due to our limited schedule. Exceptions obviously made for previously arranged absences and emergencies.
- Knowledge of your role's responsibilities and tasks for a given encounter prior to pulling.
- Ability to quickly identify and adapt to changing situations within an encounter.
- Strong communication skills. You must be able to receive instructions over voice chat (speaking is not required, but communication is).
- Previous heroic raiding experience is a plus, but not required.
- Legendary quest chain must be completed.

If you are interested or would like more information please, Respond to this thread or contact us in any of the following ways:

- Apply at http://brh-guild.net/
- In-game: Deathavenger on Sargeras.
- Contact us via Battle-Tag: Pickl3z#1166
- Contact us on Twitter: @Pickl3zz or @BRHGUILD

****Please note***** that not everyone will be killing every boss each week. Be prepared to sit out for an encounter if you do not need anything from it, or if it makes sense for group composition.

About us:
Undead Legion was starting in 2006 on Eitrigg-US, we are one of the oldest Guilds on the Server. Have had a few server firsts. We are #1 in Guild Achevement points and RBG rating. We connected with Shu’halo, in early 2014, with great results. We are a very active guild, have anywhere from 40-80 people on at a time during peek hours, very active vent as well.

We are currently running 3 10-man raid teams and are actively recruiting for Mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor. Whether you want to start raiding or are an experienced raider looking for a permenant home, we could be the place for you. We are also really big into Pvp, always looking for them fun pvp guys and gals.

Raid Schedule:
Team BAMF: Wenesday and Thrusday 8pm-11pm, Est
Team French Girls: Friday and Saturday 7:30pm-11pm, Est
Team Legion: Wenesday and Thrusday 8:30pm-11pm, Est (Possible Raid Leader for this group)

RBG Schedule:
RBG 1: Tuesday and Friday 8pm-11pm, Est
RBG 2: Varies, usually, Saturday and Sunday 11:30pm-2:30pm, Est (uses Sykpe)
RBG 3: Thrusday 9pm-12pm, Est

Weekly Guild War-Game, 10vs10-15vs15 Guildie vs Guildie Battleground, winning team gets bragging rights and 1-2k gold in their pockets. Older raids are also sometimes on Guild calendar as well. Guild Challenge runs are also big in the guild right now. We also have members who make WoW Parody video’s. (currently posted on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/UndeadLegionEitrigg.

Aurelieus: drew7781#1762

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