PvE Holy Healing in Cata- Gemming/Reforging

In WOTLK, i was doing the normal reforging option of reforging to spirit on my primary pieces and gemming intellect all across the board for balance, i never had mana issues and my healing was very consistent, never had to really use CD's unless necessary in mass pull situations or doing HM LK. I realize from talkinmg to MLG pros on skill-capped.com and reading up on other posts that Cata is all about CC and being organized in heroics and raids. In TBC i felt like that's exactly how it was, if you didn't do proper CC, u wipe, dps gets on wrong target and kills #@@* too slow, u die. If there are any EXPERIENCED pve holy paladins out there like my self that understand paladins to the best of their ability, please leave a message on this thread about how i should be reforging and gemming for effective Cata raiding/heroics. I'm still currently going with the original reforging Spirit option and gemming int in almost every slot.


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