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So i am still new to WoW and i understand that healing can get agro so i am wondering while tanking in dungeons for aoe tanking when i get my 3 holy power is using WoG better to get agro or woul my SoR be better? i know SoR is a single target attack so i use that a lot for boss fights etc, but for trash aoe agro what is better to use to keep agro?

Also i assume i get the agro from WoG even if i am full on health but it dosen't hurt to make sure there as well.
For trash the only thing you really have to keep aggro are your Hammer of the Righteous and your Consecrate, I recommend using SoR unless your healer died or some other reason that you have to be healing yourself, there isn't that much of a reason to use WoG otherwise.

Edit: The heal threat from that is pretty small, don't worry about it too much, just keep your taunts ready when that silly mage or other overzealous DPSer pulls off of you.
Using Word of Glory as a tank has a couple of benefits:

1) It may keep you from dying if your healer is cc'ed/distracted.
2) It can give a damage absorption shield, if talented.
3) It gives a relatively small amount of AOE threat, assuming it's not 100% overheal (overheal produces zero threat.)

Two of those actually work against each other - you can't get the full "taunt" effect and get the shield.
WoG is extremely useful. Some healers are just bad and need some help healing you. It's great for boss fights like Ozruk in stonecore and his Ground Slam, Enrage and Spike Barrage. I use WoG a lot more than i do HoR

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