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Says to board the Verne once it arrives but once it gets there the door does not open it just cloes on itself again. Just wondering if this is supposed to be fixed or if anyone else has a solution. Thanks!
I can confirm this bug is happening, and there doesn't appear to be a way to circumvent it.

I'm not getting quest credit either...filing a ticket for this...now.
Doubly confirmed. :P Door animation happening, but the door does not open.

Same issue, can get on the deck but secondary door does not open until you reach Tenebrous Cavern and no credit for either part of the quest given.
I can get in the boat but I can't see the goblins inside and it even starts a breath bar in some parts. I tried abandon and getting again to no avail. The boat just go back and forth but I don't get credit for it.
One more to confirm the same issue.
I give up. I'm leveling alts until this ticket gets answered lol.
i can get on the ship and ride it but do not get credit for either part of the quest. the goblins appear for about 4 seconds then disappear again.
Same problem, the animation happens but the door itself is still shut.
I cant get credit either. Board the ship. take the ride...no credit for either. The Captain of the sub appears and disappears thought the ride.
I get this bug also and this is my only quest left in Shimmering Expanse. :(
yes bugged and ticketed
i can get in the boat but the quest dont count for me!!! =(
All same.
Confirming this as well. Please fix. =(
yes sir quest is BUGGED need fixed
yep, same bug for me too! Unable to complete the quest. I created a ticket, but i'm not sure that will do anything. Very annoying!
Confirming as well, this is super annoying
Same thing happens to me...

I cannot enter the submarine when it docks alongside the boat. the door appears open when on the ship or flying over the area, but when actually on the deck of the sub another door will phase in and not allow enterance into the sub. Ive dropped the quest and attempted multiple times to no avail.
Confirming bug, yet again.

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