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Ok so I have read forums and articles about tanking and how to pull, but I still have a few questions that I haven't been able to find answers to. When pulling a mob since we have a very good AOE threat capablilities is it nessary to tab through the mob or do you just stay concentrated on one target and move on to the next when that orginal falls. The rotation that I have has me doing an AOE spell almost every other spell so in a sense everyone would be getting some love. My final question is kiting. What, who, & when do we kite? I don't understand the purpose of kiting.
it was never really necessary to tab as a paladin, and these days it would be counter productive since the DPS should be focus targeting on pretty much every pull.

kiting is used when the mobs would melee you to death, but most the time if that's the case you mark some mobs to be CCed. It's really more of a PvP thing.
Kiting has its purposes in some dungeons and raids, mostly due to mechanics. Most often, it's done by a mage or a hunter, as they have many tools with which to get a mob to chase them around without being it.

Occasionally, however, a tank is asked to kite a boss or adds. This is usually due to placement requirements or to prevent a hard-hitting, unkillable add from messing with your main tank. It's also helpful on fights where "bad stuff" tends to follow the boss around (the single best run I saw for the pre-Cata Ambassador Flamelash fight involved me chasing the tank around the room while she pulled Flamelash in a big circle, never stopping once.)

For the majority of fights, however, you'll just want to move during movement phases, and stay where you are the rest of the time.

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