Holy Pally stats? Mastery>Intellect>Spirit?

This right or not, I am kind of in the dark. My bro said its all about mastery now.
Int is probably still going to be the #1 stat. Mastery does increase how much is absorbed by your shields, but mana, spell power, and spell crit all come from Int.

I would have to agree that Int still is our #1 stat we need but I would put Mastery as third behind Spirt. The Shield that is created is nice and also nice for AOE damage, expecially if you can time it just right and get a Light of Dawn off just prior to the AOE and you will have a shield on majority of your party/raid.
right now im doing int>spirit over everything else.. and i have noticed pallies crit rating in general dropped like crazy in cata... i wouldnt say its needed as much but i would still say at least a 30% im currently struggling to get that much crit not a lot of heal pieces have it... and as far as mastery goes im not sure if its even worth anything for the pally.... the buff it gives only covers around 1200 damage normal.... and each point increases by 1%.... so it doesnt really go that far even if you have a 90 point rating its still only doing ( by theory 90%) its only covering a little over 2k damage.... idk im still trying to figure out how its supposed to work though but i can at least tell you it doesnt seem to do much
I can tell you right now our stat priority is going to be: Int > Spirit > Haste > Crit > Mastery

Or maybe: Int > Spirit > Haste > Mastery > Crit

One of the two.
Int > Spirit > Crit > Haste > Mastery

I still see little to no benefit if gearing/gemming/enchanting for mastery at all, it's just garbage right now.. Here's hoping that changes a bit, but meh.

Int > more mana, more heals
Spi > More mana regen, more heals
Crit > Bigger heals on RNG basis, means more mana later on since you don't have to heal as much to top that person up, more heals.
Haste > ensures you get important heals off in time. "important" heals will usually be FoL'd anyways so not THAT big of a deal, but it's good to have some.
Mastery > A shield that absorbs, great. Requires a ridiculous amount of mastery to be anything more than a gimmick. Not worth investing in.
I don't post on the forums often, but I'm loving the changes and decided to swing by to post a few comments. I've been playing a holy paladin as my main since the day WoW went live over 6 years ago.

While I agree with everyone here that int is effectively our primary stat, providing bonuses to spell power, critical rating, and maximum mana, it's important to keep in mind that this is going to be on every single piece of healing gear, so the ability to add more is limited to gems, trinkets, enchants, etc.

The more interesting stats are the ones that are limited. Essentially you'll also find a combination of two of the following four stats on your gear; Spirit, Haste, Crit and Mastery. So the majority of your choices should revolve around these 4 stats, as you have most control over these.

I see two real synergies in the combination of these stats.

The first is to focus on Spirit & Haste, and almost completely neglect crit and mastery. I call this, "The Reactionary" build. You get massive regen and the ability to react and dump through that mana quickly on demand. A solid build and easiest to play. Most similar to WoTLK style, but you still have to pay attention and not waste mana.

The second is to focus on Crit and Mastery. I call this, "The Proactive" build. You focus on landing large heals into large shields. This build is vastly benefited by having experience in the dungeons and raids of Cata, and knowing how much damage the raid and tank will be taking, and when they'll be taking it. You pay careful attention to what you are fighting, and what it's casting. You conserve whenever possible, and when you know the damage is coming you pre-empt it with shields while building holy power with holy shocks and holy light's on the beacon. During periods of light damage you are swinging away with your seal of insight while letting your shields, holy shocks and words of glory do the work in between swings/judgements.
Players are taking such larger hits now, and with attacks like Frenzy and Flay where the mobs hithithithithithithithithithit the targets, the healing shield is becoming a necessity to absorb the damage.

My priority: Int > Spirit > Mastery > Haste > Crit

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