Pally healing tactics

Ive noticed as a healer that the CD's are actually needed unlike in wrath... i never once thought about popping avenging wrath or anything in general.

Also on average our big heals are 6-7k mana and now with our "aoe stream" being 9k... only effectively getting 9-11 heals out that are big... so as a result Holy light has definitely become my main heal... however when your in a group where people dont CC the mobs its rather difficult, however the bosses are a cakewalk...

i thought about trying to get a little more involved in combat with judgements seeing as the seal of light claims to restore 15% base mana... juggling this with flash and divine heal might be a way to effectively heal.

so anyone else have any other tactics or ideas?
judgement with seal of insight restores around 2300 mana. if you can spare the gcd its pretty much always worth casting (just make sure you dont accidentally tab target to a disabled mob). If there is no pressing damage to be healing you can melee attack mobs to gain back mana from seal of insight (but make sure its safe to do so first). ON the 2nd boss in vortex pinacle with the haste buff i managed to regn about 10k mana in 6 seconds. On average trash i can just holy light/holy shock to build HP on the tank, then WoG/LoD when i get to 3, and never go below 95% mana. Its when there is something more involved like aoe damage, dispells required, etc that i have to start using FoL/DL to keep everyone up.

When i started healing cata stuff i tried to conserve my mana on trash, so we could keep up a good pace, but that ultimetly didnt work so well, trying to heal everyone with holy light... Unless your group is bad, they should wait for you to drink if you ask, so focus on keeping everyone alive.
confirming judgment with seal of insight is restoring 5% in holy for me right now
Trick I found is just to spam holy light with beacon on tank, gives you holy power bonus, holy shock rest of party and use word of glory as long as you got 3 power.

Then judge judge judge whenever your free, to keep you mana pool high for the oh crap I cant judge my mana back moments.

Its rough at the start but once you get a bigger mana pool that 15% mana regen from judges adds up HUGE.

Hope this helps some pallies.
12/10/2010 3:52 AMPosted by Nottew

Its rough at the start but once you get a bigger mana pool that 15% mana regen from judges adds up HUGE.

The judging will only return 15% base mana -- it doesn't scale. So yes, it's extremely helpful, but it has nothing to do with how big your mana pool is.
Sorry what I ment was, it adds up towards your max pool I'm running around 70kish mana and most bosses have phases of damage where you can build to your pool and parts where you burn through mana.

yeah im geared up fairly well i can que for heroics now and what not been able to for a good minute but at the same time im scared lol
Yeah, basically judge seal of insight as often as you can without sacrificing a party/raid member. :P

One thing you should always remember and be conscious of, is where you are in relation to the tank and party. Before trash pulls/bosses, I use 3 holy lights on the beacon so I can use one of my holy power heals.

You have to be smart with your heals. Spamming flash of light will get you out of mana......FAST!
All I know is i used to enjoy pally healing and now it sucks arse. I have thrown in the towel and as soon as i get some dps gear ill be switching. I have over 80k mana pool and 3k mana regen and always end up OOM at the end of every pull its fricking ridiculous so im quitting. Good luck to those of you that can still handle change. I used to be able to out heal any other class with the exception of Shamans now im always at the bottom of charts. Its no longer fun for me.
dang man that sucks. I'm sorry. I'm no where near 85 yet, but I garauntee I'm going to tough this out until I figure out how to heal again. I was high in charts pre patch 4.0. Then patch 4.0 came out and i was at bottom, then learned how to play the method in icc and was back at top. It's all about adapting. I'm sorry to hear you're stopping the ways of the light.
Well light of dawn is what you use when there is aoe and you can spare not using word of glory on the tank, using Radiance and light of dawn during massive aoe with your guardian (85) Will keep any party mainly fully healed (if within a cone and a 8 yard range)

And as to divine plea, I find myself rare rare rarely using this as the its really bad way to regain mana imo, 50% nerf for 15% mana when you are mainly always healing. I use it during between packs and when bosses are doing 0 damage, and normally click if off early so I not gimp.
I myself am having this issue. im not exactly sure what the problem is but it seems holy light just isnt a chunky enough of a heal to keep anyone up except the tank in low damage pulls

im a little scared of healing now myself, it used to be a passion but i fear that passion is slowly dying

could it be that when we traded single target heals for a compromise of LOD and Radiance holy light became less exclusive to single target healing, it really seems to have taken a swipe from the nerf bat.

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