Quick question on tanking dungeons.

Has anyone tried tanking catas dungeons in pure quest gear? I've been collecting an offset and I have a full set now. I'm just wondering if I'd be able to be okay tanking in the dungeons. I have enough experience to nof screw up but I'm worried about surviveability.
you can tank in quest / auction house gear outside of progression content (heroics and raids)
Until I got a lot of the stuff I am wearing now I was mostly in 232/251 gear since prot was my fourth spec(behind holy > ret > holy pvp > prot) so most of my upgrades were greens for a while.
Worked out great as long as I wasn't stupid.
BRD is easy, easy on normal with non-mouth breathers. Farm it till you get the good drops. :)
As long as your group isn't brain dead you can tank in dps gear if your specced right. It isn't till heroics that you really need to think about gear choices.
12/10/2010 8:33 AMPosted by Cealle
BRD is easy, easy on normal with non-mouth breathers.

Mouth breathing affects game play? I honestly didn't know that.

But it's good to know I can tank in greens. I've always been Ret, but made my dual spec Prot last night and started collecting greens from quests. I'll have to try tanking tonight =P Hopefully the talents I picked don't suck and I can figure out what to cast lol.

And I'll try not to breath through my mouth.

I'm sure quest rewards will be fine for tanking normal dungeons. It's supposedly designed to be that way. Quest rewards >= normal dungeons > Heroic dungeons > Raids. Throw in rep rewards and crafted items somewhere prior to raids.

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