Ret vs Frost mage

This is just absurd. Our best strategy vs frot mages is to run away(doesn't even work if hes on us) or switch targets. Now I'm all for the idea of counter classes, I played in vanilla and LOVED the pvp. How some classes simply had the edge over others. But as long as you were skilled you had a chance, and usually it resulted in a really fun fight where you moved around alot and payed close attention to your sell, their buff, and cooldowns. This though, frost mages have only two excuses to die from a ret pally, they were afk, or are really really bad. There is nothing we can do vs them. All of our damage increasing cooldowns can be stolen, all of our CC can be removed instantly, and we have no way to catch up to them to actually do damage. HoJ get's blinked, repent to cover distance means we get frozen to the ground and half the time we simple die to deep freez. We can't dispel their slows, our only heal is Word of Glory, that if we are using it there is no way to do damage to them. Any other heal gets a CS silencing, there goes all of our damage and healing sell. Our DPS in bubble is so low that a vast majority or is absorbed. I know the game isn't based off 1v1, but in a (healer of chioice)/mage team vs (healer of choice)/pally. Our best bet is to try and burn the healer, but we can't do anything to their healer cus of slow, snares, and !@!# damage. Ultimately ending in a loss, and MOST arena teams feature a mage. For the sake of balance I'm suggesting the healers are of the same class and skill level.

Our only chance to win vs them in arena is a dps/dps team. preferable with a mage or some hard counter to mages.

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